The best coffee lover gifts to buy this holiday season

Photo by Masienda

Shopping for a coffee lover is no small task. They already have a morning ritual or a certain method of choosing a beer. These can be particularly true of beans: whole, single origin, medium roast, fair trade. (Maybe they want the most expensive coffee.)

And yet, whatever brewing equipment or gadgets they’ve already acquired, something new and shiny will always pique their interest. Such is the curious and voracious consumer of coffee.

For die-hard coffee lovers (us), some ideas for the holiday gift season.

Let’s go

Price: 20-95 dollars

Los Angeles-based Masa may have its name on heirloom corn, but don’t sleep on its recently launched coffee line. Two blends sourced from Guerrero, Oaxaca and Veracruz, Alebridge and Dahlia, respectively, deliver pleasing medium and dark roast flavors. If you want to give the gift of coffee and a little something extra, Masienda also has a rich brown mug, like a thick dinner glass but with a delicately textured glaze, and a speckled bird’s egg blue pour for single drinkers (it comes in a set or individually).


Price: $7.99 per month

For the person who’s always looking for their next favorite roast, give them the gift that keeps on giving: a coffee subscription. Bottomless was started by a couple of Seattle tech folks, so you know they take their coffee seriously. How it works Bottomless sends a simple scale that you’ll place your coffee on, and the scale senses when you’re getting low, which will trigger a new order (always skippable if you’re up to your eyeballs). You can customize your rotation or create a profile to have the coffee bot choose a new roast based on your preferences. It’s a pretty neat way to explore new flavors. And, according to one preference setting, they won’t re-roast the beans until you order them, so it’s pretty fresh.


Price: $55

The perfect marriage of form and function, this glass French press is as beautiful as it is practical. It comes in vibrant colors like cobalt, verde, smoky gray, amber and clear clear. This is for the drinker who wants coffee to look as good on the table as it tastes.

Fellow Coffee Grinder

Price: 255-345 dollars

Fellow recently introduced the second generation of its Ode Brew Grinder, ideal for precision-minded coffee drinkers. Whether your gift recipient is brewing espresso, a French press, or a Chemex, this grinder reduces beans to the roughness that the brewing method requires. It’s quite nice on the counter, but more importantly, it’s a workhorse that’s easy to use and maintain.


Price: $117

This stovetop coffee pot from Danish design house Stelton is inspired by the classic Italian Moka Pot. Good thing, then, that the Collar espresso maker was designed by two Italians, Daniele Debiazzi and Federico Sandri. So, if friends or family are drooling over the iconic aluminum version but are ready for a stylish upgrade, look no further than them. wish leave out for all.


Price: $799 (early-bird Kickstarter deal)

As much as we love the slow ritual of making coffee, sometimes or most of the time, depending on how alert you are in the morning, you want to have a good cup as quickly as possible. Enter xBloom’s smart coffee machine. Not to be confused with environmentally friendly pod systems that use plastic components, xBloom uses biodegradable sugar fiber capsules to store whole beans from small coffee roasters (Intelligentsia, Onyx and Chromatic Coffee Co., to name a few). some of): and directly from the growers. Simply open each capsule, feed the beans to the built-in frother, and xBloom will do the rest. (Design Milk breaks down engineering and looks much better than we can in a paragraph).


Price: $38

You can’t drink this one, unfortunately. With top notes of coffee and pine needles, this Seattle Candle evokes a rainy day in the Pacific Northwest, where the only shelter is a cozy third-channel cafe with single-origin coffees and skilled espresso. For the coffee lover who has everything…except a winter candle.

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Rosin Saez is the senior editor for Food & Drink at Thrillist.