The bear and the things that confused us at breakfast

A lovely bear and breakfast will take you on a journey of hospitality and stewardship. Playing as Hank, a grizzly bear living in the woods, you decide to start your own bed and breakfast in an attempt to bring visitors back to the woods.

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Setting up, building and furnishing your own bed and breakfast is a lot of work, especially if you’re a bear. While convenient and cute, there must be a few things that don’t go well with such a concept.



8 A hotel for people

From the beginning, Hank and his friends want people to return to the forest. While some treat the environment well, others pollute the forest, cause forest fires and contribute to overcrowding. Trees are left as stumps in many places, and visitors are usually afraid of wildlife.

You’d think it would be nice for people to live outside of the woods, but instead, the bed and breakfast is just for people. Considering the damage done to the environment entirely by humans, it makes no sense for animals to build spaces for tourists.

7 The motivation is money

It’s strange that Hank would go to such great lengths to open a hotel, but his motives are even more unusual. While the animals also start this business to learn more about humans and find some of their trash, Hank and his friends are also motivated by money.

What can animals do with money? The cash they’re after shouldn’t be worth anything to them, even in their anthropomorphized lives. Of all the things animals get from the hospitality industry, money doesn’t seem to be the most important thing in their lives.

6 Animals wear clothes

When you meet Hank and his friends, you’ll notice that while Hank is completely naked, Margaret, Annie, and Will are each wearing clothes. Also, female characters are the most covered in the games, while Hank, Will, and others are practically naked for most of the game.

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This may be related to gender, which automatically includes female characters rather than male characters. On the other hand, although they are anthropomorphized, animals do not have human bodies, so what is the purpose of clothing?

5 Forget organizing your space

Bear and breakfast is a monotonous experience; Over time, you may become lazy about interior design. The good thing is, if you have the right things, your decor and furniture doesn’t have to make sense. If you’re trying to fill up a bed and breakfast quickly, you don’t need to consciously place things to get the job done.

But this potentially chaotic layout begs the question of how and why guests choose to stay here and how they navigate the space.

4 Junkyard or furniture store?

Using resources directly from the forest is ideal for this type of game. It’s not about finding undamaged furniture in the trash. It’s no wonder Took is collecting all this decor, he could run his own business with the goods he has.

But how did all this furniture stay in such good condition for how long it sat in the trash? Who’s dumping all this stuff in a random trash can in the woods?

3 Oliver lives at the bus station

It’s like when you’re young and you think your teachers live in school, except this time, it’s actually true. Oliver loves his buses so much that he lives with them near the station and doesn’t seem to go anywhere else.

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Right next to Oliver and the bus is a building with a bed. Given how attached he is to his buses, it’s probably appropriate that he lives there, but it’s a little unusual that he has a house in the parking lot.

2 The other animals are not afraid of Hank

Hank is clearly a good guy, so it would be out of character for him to use force or aggression to get his way. But that being said, coming face to face with this huge grizzly bear is no less terrifying.

When talking to Took, Hank says that he should be taken seriously because of his large size, but this much smaller raccoon doesn’t seem phased. Until now, they didn’t seem familiar, so Tok didn’t know that he was friendly.

1 People can talk to animals

Unlike the Animal Crossing series, you can’t just talk to someone you see, or can you? Even though Hank doesn’t speak the same language, he can approach people and talk to them.

Sabine, the park ranger, has learned non-human animal languages ​​so she can communicate with Hank, but the conversation with the others is a back and forth of human language and bear sounds. Even though most people and Hank can’t communicate properly, the people you’re talking to still seem to get the gist of what you’re talking about and aren’t afraid of a giant bear standing on its hind legs a few feet away.

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