The BBQ fundraising program supports the operations of the Monrovia Volunteer Fire Department

Harvest, Ala – It was so successful in the first round, they had to do it again! So says Monrovia Volunteer Fire & Rescue, which for the second year in a row will be holding a “Fireman’s BBQ” fundraiser in collaboration with RD’s Smokehouse of Harvest.

$50 will get you a five-pound skillet of pulled pork or chicken; $40 gets you a skillet of potato salad or coleslaw for the all-important side dish.

Plus, the department sells souvenir T-shirts for $30 apiece. The shirts are available in different colors and feature a special design on the back.

Credit: Monrovia Fire


Monrovia Fire officials say last year’s initial fundraiser was an “overwhelming success.” They sold 150 pork chops over three days.

“Our partner, Roderick Donegan of RD’s Smokehouse, has been wonderful to work with, extremely supportive, and the main reason this fundraiser was so successful,” the ministry said in a written statement.

Pre-orders are open now and run through April 20th. The rendezvous will be between the 27th and 29th of April. For more information about the fundraiser, you can email [email protected]

Where will this money go? Donations and donations make up a large portion of MVFR’s operating budget each year. Officials say they are battling the high cost of equipment and supplies. They said the cost of a fire engine has gone up 20% over the past two years.

Monrovia Fire says they hope to continue this fundraising event far into the future, and be able to partner with more businesses in similar ways as it continues to be “the life-saving force that Monrovia relies on.”