The 23 Best Cupcakes From Cake Mix Recipes

The next time you need a sweet treat in the blink of an eye, whip up a batch of cake mix cupcakes!

They are lightning fast, cheap and always tasty!

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Sweet strawberry cupcakes with icing and fresh strawberries on top

These bad boys are so easy to make that you can even get the kids involved.

All you need is a box of cake mix and a handful of other ingredients.

Mix it all together, bake for a few minutes, and boom! You have homemade cupcakes that taste so much better than store bought ones.

Get creative with toppings like chocolate chips or nuts, or keep it simple. Either way, these cake mix cupcakes are too good to miss!

How to make cupcakes with cake mix

If you’re ready for a tropical treat, these pineapple upside-down cupcakes are just the thing!

These mini treats are a twist on a classic cake, with buttery brown sugar, pineapple chunks, and a cherry on top.

Perfect for parties or luaus, they are super delicious and very tasty when served warm. You definitely won’t have leftovers.

Do you want to make them from scratch? Go for it! But a doctored cake mix works too. Just be careful not to burn your mouth devouring them straight from the oven.

These easy Halloween cupcakes are spooky! Perfect for any ghoulish party, they’re easy to make and so much fun to decorate.

You’ll use a chocolate cake mix and then top them with a swirl of homemade buttercream in neon Halloween colors.

Don’t forget to add some festive sprinkles too.

These cupcakes will impress everyone at your Halloween party!

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style, thanks to these green ombre cupcakes!

These fun and easy treats are made with a basic white cake mix, homemade buttercream, and lots of green food coloring.

They’re perfect for St. Patrick’s Day parties, and best of all, they’re super easy to make.

So don’t be shy, give them a try!

They’re not original, but they’re still delicious and will save you time in the kitchen. Also, the homemade buttercream is a must.

Chocolate lovers, these cupcakes are for you!

Because as tasty as regular boxed chocolate cake is, this tampered chocolate cake mix recipe makes the BEST cupcakes ever.

You will love the rich chocolate flavor. And they come together in an instant.

Trust me, this recipe will be your new go-to.

And since the sponge is so simple, you can use all that extra time to make a flavorful topping.

I’m thinking salted caramel frosting with extra caramel drizzled on top…yum!

Craving something sweet and indulgent? Try these cheesecake filled cupcakes!

They’re easy, starting with a basic cake mix.

But instead of a plain pound cake, they’re filled with rich chocolate chip cheesecake.

It’s like two desserts in one, and perfect for any occasion!

If you’re in the mood for something really sweet, you have to try these Reese’s Peanut Butter Cupcakes!

They’re chocolate cupcakes with Reese’s surprise chocolate in the center. Plus, they’re topped with creamy peanut butter frosting.

There’s nothing better than this!

Pro Tip: Use a commercial brand of peanut butter like Skippy or Jif for the best frosting texture. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Treat yourself to these irresistible vanilla cupcakes at your next party, and everyone will thank you!

They are moist, fluffy and bursting with vanilla flavor. And that’s all thanks to the vanilla pudding in the mix.

That also makes them incredibly moist and tender. So you can do it a few days in advance if needed. They will stay beautiful!

They are a must have for any party, baby shower or just as a sweet gift.

And the best part is that they are made with a cake mix, which means they are easy and always perfect.

Brighten up your day with these perfect lemon cupcakes!

They are fully loaded with lots of lemony goodness and are smooth as a cloud. Also, the lemon buttercream on top is delicious.

These bad boys start with a boxed lemon cake mix. And they’re enhanced with sour cream and pudding for a super moist texture.

Meanwhile, the glaze is made with fresh lemon juice. Y enthusiasm for a spicy kick. How good does that sound?

Get ready to enjoy the best cookies and cream dessert ever!

These cupcakes feature devil’s food cake mix and chocolate pudding for maximum decadence.

And there are even crushed Oreo cookies right in the dough.

But that is not all! You will also be adding Oreo pieces to the frosting. Y top them with a whole Oreo for good measure.

Like I said: they make the best cookies and cream dessert ever!

If you love banana pudding as much as I do, you have to try these cupcakes!

Banana Pudding Cupcakes are so simple yet so delicious.

They are made with a yellow cake filled with banana pudding and covered with sweet whipped cream.

The icing on the cake? Crushed Vanilla Wafers!

These cupcakes are perfect for any occasion and can be enjoyed all year long.

Get into the holiday spirit with these delicious Eggnog Cupcakes!

They’re bursting with the flavors of eggnog, both in the cake batter and buttercream frosting, so every bite is sweet, spicy, and creamy.

Perfect for any holiday party, they are sure to bring festive cheer.

The key is to balance the eggnog with spices like nutmeg and cinnamon! Fortunately, the sponge and the buttercream are the perfect partners.

I have a slight obsession with key lime pie. So I had to make them as soon as I saw the recipe.

And let me tell you, they’re perfect for key lime pie fans who want something simple and transportable.

They are also perfect for feeding a crowd, they are easy to make and taste just like they came from a bakery.

The secret is of course a cake mix. But you will liven it up with lime juice.

For a more authentic finish, sprinkle the lime glaze with graham cracker crumbs!

Get ready for a burst of citrus flavor because these Sunkist Orange Cupcakes are bright, light, fluffy, and bursting with intense orange flavor.

The soda in the recipe makes them extra fluffy, thanks to the bubbles that act as a leavening agent.

Pretty cool, right?

Try these Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting once, and you’ll never make them from scratch again.

Decorated with adorable heart sprinkles and maraschino cherries, they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day.

But you can leave them and enjoy them any day of the year.

Celebrate spring with a hit of energetic fruity goodness.

These delicious Raspberry Lemon Cupcakes feature both Lemon Cake Mix and Lemon Pudding Mix, making them super tasty and tart.

But don’t worry, the pudding is quite creamy and the sour cream helps soften that lip-pussy taste.

They’re topped with a delicious raspberry buttercream frosting, which adds just the right amount of sweetness and color to make them unforgettable.

Are you drooling too?

Want that raspberry flavor but don’t like lemon? Then try these delicious white chocolate cupcakes!

The cupcakes are a simple boxed mix, but you’ll fill them with raspberry jam when they’re baked and cooled.

From there, you’ll make a dreamy white chocolate frosting that’s rich, sweet, and incredibly creamy. Together, it’s a match made in cupcake heaven.

These strawberry cupcakes are so impressive, they will blow your mind.

All you need is a simple trick of boxed vanilla cake mix, strawberry Greek yogurt, and fresh strawberries.

Top it with a swirl of strawberry buttercream for a double dose of sweetness.

Perfect for any occasion with minimal fuss and maximum yum? Yes please.

Do you want to enjoy the flavors of homemade apple pie without the complications? These apple pie cupcakes are the answer!

They’re a quick and delicious dessert for any backyard party or party, made with a box of yellow cake mix and canned apple filling.

Every bite is soft, fluffy, and bursting with apple-cinnamon flavor.

They have all the comforting flavors of apple pie but in a convenient cupcake form.

Although if you want a more authentic taste, add a few graham cracker crumbs on top.

Tiramisu is one of those indulgent desserts that we often only eat in restaurants.

But if you’re a lover of creamy coffee-infused treats, you must make these cupcakes.

Moist vanilla cupcakes soaked in coffee and covered in a rich mascarpone frosting…need I say more?

Transport your taste buds to a tropical beach with these pineapple cream cupcakes!

You’ll add crushed pineapple to the yellow cake mix (plus butter, eggs, and vanilla), then bake until fluffy and sweet.

As for the frosting, it is a simple creamy cheese mixture that is tangy and smooth.

I like to spice them up even more with mango or pineapple compote in between.

Oh, and try adding coconut cream to the frosting for a nice nutty finish that makes them taste like a pina colada!

If you love snickerdoodles, this Cinnamon Buttercream Cake Mix From Scratch Cupcake Mix might make you swoon.

There’s cinnamon in the sponge and frosting, so your house will smell amazing when you’re done.

As for the taste, it’s sugar and spice and everything good.

Want to impress your friends with bakery-worthy cupcakes? These mocha cupcakes are your new secret weapon!

Chocolate Cake Doctor mix with chocolate pudding, cocoa and espresso powder for maximum flavor.

(I double the espresso because I like the coffee to be more prominent.)

When paired with salted caramel buttercream frosting, it’s like the most indulgent Starbucks latte in cupcake form.

Can we all agree to calm down on overblown gender reveals? Let’s leave those in 2022, okay?

Instead, reveal the gender of your baby in the most delicious way possible!

Made with colored M&Ms, they will keep the surprise until the end. And with a thick and creamy homemade buttercream frosting, they’re sure to be a hit.

Plus, they’re super easy to make! Just use your favorite cupcake recipe, then fill them with M&Ms, frost, and sprinkle.

Easy and totally safe!

Cake Mix Cupcakes