The 2022 Detroit Auto Show is a hit with families and vehicle buyers

Is this year’s auto show any good?

It might seem like a silly question if you’ve seen the crowds take pictures with the giant duck outside Huntington Place, families queuing to get into an off-roader or electric pickup truck, children squealing with joy at the lives of dinosaurs or child-like adults as they watch honest-to-god flying cars.

This is a silly question.

It’s a silly question if you saw thousands of people downtown last Friday night for the charity preview, lingering in formal wear while dining on sidewalk tables ahead of the first “auto prom. “since January 2019, returning later for after-show drinks, because it’s not January; the streets are not ankle deep in sleet.


This is the beginning of the most beautiful tourist season in the Great Lakes region. Enjoy it. The last day is Sunday in Huntington Place and surrounding areas.