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Dallas has a lot of good pizza these days – but almost all of them are located north of I-30.

So let’s hear for it South Polk PizzeriaA new shop that opened in Oak Cliff in late December at 3939 S. Polk St #527, just off US-67 and north of Loop 12, Deep Ellum, sells the same kind of artisanal pies that hang along the Oak Lawn. and North Dallas.

South Polk makes serious pizza with star sauce – gourmet famed Jimmy’s Italian sausage, for example – and it’s also the descriptive hallmark of high-quality pizza: a crust made of fermented – aged – dough that has been left to sit for hours. give it a light, crunchy texture and toasty flavor.

South Polk is from Terrill Burnett, a chef and Detroit native who moved to Dallas in 2015 and has worked at fine restaurants like Knife, Nobu, and Saltgrass Steakhouse. He partnered with renowned developer Monte Anderson for this first solo venture.

Pizza is an exciting new way for him.

“When I partnered with Monte, I had barbecues in the beginning,” he says. “But Monte encouraged me to think about pizza. I started doing my research on the concept of fermentation and got an understanding of how to do it.”

Including reviewing books like this Enjoying Pizza: Everything You Need to Knowplus classes like the Pizza Master Class with Vito Jacopelli.

It uses some of the techniques and ingredients of a classic Neapolitan-style pizza with its own fine-tuning. He tried different flours until he found the right mix of seminola and a flour with a high gluten content, and he ferments his dough for 72 hours.

“I worked on my dough for a year and a half, baking pizza every day and learning how to deal with it,” he says.

If he has a special pizza, it’s his barbecue chicken.

“The chicken is stir-fried and we use Sweet Baby Ray’s, plus Colby-Jack cheese and a base of barbecue sauce with red onions,” she says.

He also does a chicken bacon farm, as well as a Meat Lovers, Sweet Heat, Supreme, and cheese and pineapple farm.

“I still see what customers in the neighborhood want,” he says. “Everyone loves pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, so start there, then gradually add new flavors and toppings.”

Two pizzas from South Polk Pizzeria.South Polk Pizzeria

There is no dining room inside so it was just a commute, but the response was so quick that they are adding a canopy for outside dining and Burnett has just applied for a license to serve beer and wine.

The pizzeria gets comments on social media such as “After speaking with the owner and head chef of South Polk Pizzeria, I think it’s safe to say we don’t have a pizza desert anymore” or “This is the best pizza I’ve ever made.” had for a long time. Bonus: This is a Black-owned business. I ate them all.”

“I’ve always had a passion for cooking and good food,” says Burnett. “I love the opportunity to do something with skill and technique – I have the passion.”