Tempting vegan chocolate shop closing in High Petergate, York

A CHOCOLATE shop, which has opened in the heart of York, is set to close after its owner posted a moving message.

A stone’s throw from York Minster in High Petergate, chocolatier Karen Waller and her partner Jordan Murphy opened vegan chocolate shop Tempt last March.

Karen has taken over the former Mullen and Mullen boutique at 16 High Petergate after working for, among others, Rococo in London where she was head chocolatier for three years.

Now in a post on the companies’ social media platforms, Karen said she will be closing the shop on August 20.


She said: “There are many reasons behind this decision. Of course, starting an ethical, artisanal, vegan and plant-based chocolate shop in a pandemic, inner city was always going to have its challenges. Covid was one thing. , but increased costs and reduced expenses have just made things a little more difficult.

“But I don’t want to focus on the negatives. Tempt has been a place of kindness and positivity, and I want that to continue. I’ve been a chocolatier for 15 years. It’s been a rollercoaster for 95% of Tempt’s a happy bubble, where I can do what I love, while proving that dairy products are not necessary to have an incredible chocolate.

“So why? Is it all financial? No. Chocolates at Tempt are very labor intensive, which means it’s physically demanding. Running the business and making everything has been fun, but it’s is a lot – mentally and emotionally.

“Tempt has been a huge success in every way.

“Frankly, I’ve been working my ass off for the past 18 months and the business is in a strong position if I want to grow it. But that’s where personal choice comes in. I have to experience across all sorts of industries, levels, and I’ve been thinking about options to grow the business, but it just doesn’t sit well with me.

“I’m so glad I did! There’s something magical about chocolate. Mix chocolate with a largely vegan clientele and it’s a powerful combination. People open up and share their stories with me I have met some wonderful people, some who have influenced my thinking about what I want out of my life.

“So the decision is based primarily on one main thing: a conscious decision to be kinder to myself and recognize that it’s time for something new.

“One final note – no one is going to miss my chocolate more than me! I try not to be sad but rather watch it as it was a wonderful thing while it lasted – better to have loved and lost than never have never loved.”