Tee’s ice cream and burgers to add new menu items later this year

Muscat — With winter approaching, the team at Tee’s Ice Cream and Burgers, located at 838 Park Ave. In Muscatine, they’re opening their doors for spring.

Since so many flavors and frozen desserts have been stable in the Muscatine community for decades, owner Steve Balsack and his team are hoping for another strong season.

“It’s been a good start so far,” said Balsack. “I was pleasantly surprised. The weather wasn’t too bad, and people responded well.”

Plsak added that in addition to being a kind of “reset” for him and his team, Tee’s annual winter hiatus gave them a chance to clean the entire restaurant top to bottom before the end of their break.

Looking ahead to the spring and summer, Team Tee has already begun whipping up some new menu items. While the main menu items will remain the same and customers can expect the same great ice cream the restaurant has always had, Plsak revealed that he also plans to add some lactose-free options at the end for those who may not be able to eat dairy-infused ice cream.

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“We have a few other menu items that we’ve been working on that we’re hoping to roll out in the next couple of months,” he said. “We’re just trying to shake things up a little bit and give people a little more variety. Ideally, they’ll stick around forever, but it could be something we’re just running for this season and then we’ll shake things up again next year.”

Those who frequent Tee can expect some changes to its layout by drive-thru. Although he couldn’t provide additional details or say when those changes will be implemented, Plsak said he hopes these final changes will help cut back on the long lines often seen in the summer.

“We’re just trying to deal with some of the congestion that we sometimes experience with our drive-thru line,” he said.

When asked about his restaurant’s longevity, success, and ability to compete with other local ice cream places, Plsak attributed keeping prices reasonable with fun and happy employees.

“Customers respond well when you have a great crew like we do,” he said. “If you treat customers right, they will keep coming back.”

Plsak also shared his gratitude towards the community for all their support over the years. “We will continue to push to return the favor and give that love and support in any way we can.”

For more information on upcoming menu items and other Tee-related news, check out Tee’s Ice Cream and Burgers Facebook page.