Taylor Swift’s cat is listed among the world’s richest pets, and is reported to be worth $97 million

Taylor Swift The cat lives in luxury.

The “Anti-Hero” singer’s furry friend, Olivia Benson, is ranked among the three richest pets with a net worth of $97 million, according to a report from All about cats.

Swift’s favorite feline has made her way to the top by appearing in numerous commercials with the pop star for popular brands, including Diet Coke, AT&T, and DirectTV.

Olivia has also made guest appearances in Swift’s music videos “I!” and “blank space”.

The ratings are determined by Instagram analytics to estimate “how much each of these pets can make per Instagram,” the site states.

Although Olivia does not have a single Instagram account, her adorable owner posted pictures of her on social media.

In 2020, Swift posted a photo of her adorable pet with the caption, “Captain Olivia Benson is off duty like-“

The Scottish Fold is seen lounging on a couch and staring straight into the camera.

This hugely popular photo has boasted of more than 2 million views.

Olivia is named after her Mariska Hargitay Character in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”.

The description of Benson’s ranking reads: “In third place is Olivia Benson, best friend and companion to artist Taylor Swift, who begs the question: Is Instagram celebrity really the most lucrative career for your pet?”

With her massive net worth of $97 million, Olivia has found success outside of the realm of Instagram influencers. The Scottish Fold has earned her net worth starring alongside her owner in several music videos, creating her own line of products, and having several cameos in big-budget ads. …”

However, the Midnight album The star’s other feline friends didn’t quite make it to The Ultimate Pet Rich List.

Swift owns Two more cats His name is Meredith Gray and Benjamin Button.

Although not on the list, Meredith and Benjamin appeared during Swift’s 1989 World Tour in 2015 during an intermission video.

Meanwhile, Olivia rank behind German Shepherd Gunther Fee, who is reportedly worth $500 million, and Nala Cat, and has a pet net worth of $100 million.

However, The Scottish Fold beat Oprah Winfrey’s dogs Sadie, Sunny, Lorraine, Lily and Luke at $30 million, and the late actress Betty White’s dog, Pontiac, at $5 million.

Swift’s reps did not immediately respond to FOX Business’ request for comment.

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