Tattooed Chef Enters the Refrigerated Aisle With the Launch of Oat Butter Bars

These nutritious bars combine plant-based pea protein with the power of vitamin D and adaptogens, including ashwagandha, holy basil and sage

angel, January 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tattoo Chef, the fastest growing frozen plant-based food company offering a wide variety of meals, bowls and snacks, is expanding its portfolio and announcing the launch of delicious, functional Oat Butter Making its debut in the refrigerated section with bars. These snack innovations combine the grab-and-go convenience of bars with the emerging trend of functional nutrition. In each bar, powered by Oat Butter, Tattoo Chef delivers powerful adaptogens – including Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Reishi and Vitamin D3 – to boost vitality, stabilize one’s mood, and improve performance and focus.

“We are thrilled to introduce our Oat Butter Bars as our first step out of the freezer aisle,” said Sarah Galetti, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Tattoo Chef. “Mental health is an extremely important part of my life and over the years, I’ve leaned toward holistic therapies like adaptogens. After seeing and feeling their benefits for myself, I’ve found a range of plant-based bars to help Consumers can easily incorporate functional foods into their daily routine in a product that tastes great.”

Each Non-GMO Project Verified Oat Butter bar contains 12-14 grams of plant-based pea protein, no added sugar, no soy, and no gluten. They are available in four delicious flavours:

  • chocolate chip: This chocolate chip bar of deliciousness is everything and it has everything. An easy option when you want a cookie but want something functional.
  • Brownie: Feed your brain and your chocolate fix with this plant-based brownie bar that you can toss in your bag and take on the go.
  • Groundnut: Move over peanut butter! This bar is packed with walnuts, butter and peanut and oat butter (a first for bars).
  • Graham: These bars taste like the cinnamon graham crackers you loved from childhood, but they fuel your brain and your body.

Tattoo Chef’s Oat Butter Bars are available now with an SRP of $2.99-$3.49 at select retailers, including Harris Teeter, Lowe’s Foods, Nugget Markets and Central Market, with more retailers following later this year.

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about the tattooed chef

Tattoo Chef is the fastest growing frozen plant-based food company, offering a broad portfolio of innovative and sustainably sourced plant-based foods. The Tattooed Chef’s signature frozen products include ready-to-cook bowls, zucchini spirals, riced cauliflower, acai and smoothie bowls, cauliflower crust pizza, wood-fired plant-based pizza, handheld burritos, quesadillas and Mexican entrées that are available frozen are available in Food sections of major national retail food and club stores throughout the United States. The company was founded by original Tattoo chef, Sarah Galletti, who merges her Italian roots with the rich vibrancy of LA culture to inspire her plant-based cuisine. Understanding consumer lifestyle and food trends, innovation and a commitment to self-creation allows Tattoo Chef to continually introduce new products that are accessible, great tasting, and chef-made. Every meal, bowl, and side dish is either vegetarian or vegan, and many are also gluten-free, grain-free, or soy-free. For more information, please visit You can also follow Tattoo Chef on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and taste the jam on Spotify.

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Tattoo Chef is the fastest growing frozen plant-based food company, offering a broad portfolio of innovative and sustainably sourced plant-based foods.


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