Taste of the Town: Oasis welcomes guests to its unique and vibrant space in the heart of Wynwood


Miami – Oasis is a unique sprawling space in the heart of Wynwood with six local restaurants well known abroad, as well as a tower bar made of shipping containers.

Behind the beautiful Banyon tree is the Huacachina, an indoor and outdoor cocktail lounge. And you can’t miss the great theater of live music performances.

“We have DJs every night, and then we also organize parties on Fridays and Saturdays. Some are ticket-paying events, others are free and open to the public,” said Emily Barstow, Director of Marketing.

The newest in Oasis (since April) is the oddly decorated indoor small food court that houses 3 restaurant concepts.


Poke OG founder Andrew Mayer and his partner have teamed up with three major Miami-based food influencers to bring this project to life.

There is babi churro.

Featuring fresh churros and handcrafted ice cream.

Then poke it.

They are bouquet plates, sushi rolls, sashimi, and omakas.

Finally, there is Miss Crispy Rice.

“Miss Crispy Rice is the world’s first hand-rolled crispy rice,” said owner Andrew Meyer. “It’s a combination of crispy rice rolls and some izakaya varieties.”

Meyer, who lives in Wynwood, says Oasis is all about the local community.

“As much as we love tourists, and we love, the heart and soul of all our business in the city, are our locals. The people who work here. The people who live here. This is who we love to connect with, to make our ohana [extended family],” He said.

CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo started her tasting of Miss Crispy Rice and a dish called Crispy Rice Flight that contains truffle avocado, spicy salmon, scallops, eel, and bluefin tuna.

Crispy rice is very crunchy. The bluefin tuna should die. And then all the spices on top make it award-winning sushi,” Petrillo said.

Poke OG and Poppa Chang are right next door.

It’s tuna and avocado topped with salmon, spicy mayonnaise, masago and rice balls.

“Great bite of tuna, salmon and crispy rice on top. Delish!”

Petrillo ends with a pure decadence at Papi Churro with guava and cheese Sunday ice cream, complete with guava-stuffed churro, sprinkled coconut, and guava pastry.

Oasis Wynwood is a favorite from lunch to late night and everything in between.

The Oasis is open from Thursday to Sunday, from 12 pm to 3 am

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