Talk of the Town: Elfingrove brings festive ice skating to the West End


Ice Magic comes to the much-anticipated Christmas event, Elfingrove, with even bigger ice and snow wheels. The event opens its doors today with the aim of making the show “bigger, snowier and brighter” than ever, with the country’s largest temporary ice, wheel the snow allows visitors to view Glasgow’s winter wonderland from a height, as well as Skate-Side-Dining for reading, the Apres Skate Bar, and Candyland for sweets and marshmallows.

This year, organizers added a new skating session. From Skate with Santa, Skate School for adults and children, Late Skates for adults only, as well as special spectator areas.

Elfingrove creator and itison CEO, Oli Norman, said: “It takes a team of over 150 people to make Elfingrove a reality. In a dark and gloomy year our mission is to light up our city and bring joy, and we are very happy to do this with Elfingrove.

“We are also giving back to the ELFund which will be giving away 4,000 free tickets to local groups and charities who may not have been able to attend.”

Tickets are still available and can be found at

Skate Side Dining can be read at Order brie, cranberry and grilled cheese, parmesan and truffle aioli fries, raclette and comte fondue and pig in a warm blanket.

Itison’s ELF (Elf Legacy Fund) returns in 2022 and will donate 4,000 free tickets to local charities, groups and organizations to help those who may not be able to attend. otherwise.



Snow Wheel – a new way to enjoy Elfingrove in the air as snow falls around you and Christmas carols fill the air

Toddler rink – A dedicated toddler rink away from the main ice rink where kids under 5 can jump and slide on bobskates, and with adults.

Skate Side Dining – one of the beautiful restaurants overlooking the ice where you can reserve the best seats in the house for the ultimate Elfingrove experience

Candyland and the Silent Snow Disco – the sweetest place in town for the ultimate sugar rush with all things candy, candy floss and candy plus home to the Silent Snow Disco

Apres Skate Bar – a cool bar where you can dine on a selection of street food with a party twist, including warm brie cheese spread, gourmet hot dogs filled with pulled turkey, and fries with pork and blanket. – plus lots of options for vegetarians and vegans.


Skate School – 40 minute small group skating lessons led by expert instructors for anyone who’s more Bambi on ice than ice dancing

Skate with Santa – Meet Santa and the elves on the ice at Elfingrove in a special holiday season for big and small believers to meet the big man.

Quiet sessions – quiet sessions for autistic people and those with special or complex needs will enjoy a quieter Elfingrove experience where sound and light are adjusted to a more ambient level with the ability to reduce .