Superior Fresh, America’s first wild farm Atlantic salmon, offers three frozen options to celebrate Seafood Month in October

HIXTON, Wis. , Sept. 20, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Superior Fresh, America’s first onshore Atlantic salmon farm, is pleased to announce three new, coast-to-coast ways to enjoy smart Atlantic salmon. Sliced ​​burgers and frozen deluxe retail-ready meals are now available nationwide at select retailers and online at

Photo Caption: Fresh, Frozen Superfood: LR, top to bottom: Atlantic salmon burger, Atlantic salmon fillet, Atlantic smoked salmon.

“Taking advantage of the frozen category allows us to reach new retailers and consumers. Today’s shoppers, especially seafood consumers, want to know and trust where their food comes from,” said Nate Hefty, Vice President of Sales at Superior Fresh.

Shoppers can buy super fresh Atlantic salmon with confidence that their salmon is raised on an all-organic diet, with no GMOs, pesticides or antibiotics, providing a safe and healthy option.


Superior Fresh stands behind Atlantic salmon and wants you to know why you’re guaranteed the highest quality Atlantic salmon on the market today:

  • The heart scan is accredited by the American Heart Association.
  • Ultra-mature Atlantic salmon provides twice as much omega-3 fatty acids as any other Atlantic salmon.
  • Received top honors with salmon care certification from a greener world
  • Aquaculture Best Practice Certificate
  • Watching seafood at Monterey Bay Aquarium rated “Best Choice”

Hefti continues: “This frozen product line extension is a great complement to our core business of fresh salmon. With transportation challenges in the industry, our retail-ready frozen salmon solutions allow us to efficiently ship our great fish from our farm in Wisconsin to stores across the United States.”

The three new Frozen featured items include:

Frozen 6 oz. Slices

Super Fresh Salmon Fillet is a quick way to make a heart-smart meal that packs 37 grams of protein per slice and is sure to satisfy any appetite. Two individually packaged 6-ounce filets are conveniently prepared for busy individuals and families, whether they’re eaten for Taco Tuesday or a delicious dinner with fish.

Frozen 4 oz. salmon burger

Our premium fresh salmon burger, made entirely with whole muscle salmon fillets and organic ingredients, is gluten-free and kid-friendly, creating an excellent dining experience. Grab a pack and swap in your protein for burger night for a new level of healthy deliciousness Delivers 21 grams of protein per patty.

Frozen 6 oz. salmon dip

Dipping fresh, ready-to-eat smoked salmon is a delicious treat that opens up a world of possibilities for people who might not have tried anything else from seafood. Freshly seasoned smoked salmon is so versatile, it goes with everything from bread to wraps. This delicious dip is great for parties, family gatherings, and playtime get-togethers.


Superior Fresh, LLC. , the world’s largest USDA certified organic aquaculture farm, produces sustainable Atlantic salmon farmed in the USA in harmony with organic leafy greens. Their ecosystem provides year-round availability while the team offers an unparalleled commitment to customer service.

Learn more at:

W15506 Superior Fresh Drive, Hixton, WI 54635

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Todd Linsky, TLC, [email protected]


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