SunStar’s Best of Cebu 2022 Winners (Part 4 of 7)

Now in its 10th year, SunStar’s Best of Cebu is back with a vengeance.

Local businesses are slowly returning to form, allowing Cebu’s best team to add more categories for lifestyle and travel, beauty and health, and shopping. Out of 78 2021 winners, SunStar’s Best of Cebu lists 118 2022 winners.

From January 23 to 29, the winners of SunStar’s Best of Cebu 2022 will be featured in SunStar Cebu’s Lifestyle section.

These winners went through a rigorous selection and evaluation process conducted by a panel of the best in Cebu and an esteemed panel of judges. If there’s one thing we’ve learned going through this batch of award winners, it’s that anyone can have what it takes to win Best Cebu.

Here are some of the winners.

The best all-day breakfast restaurant. Birdseed Breakfast Club + Café

F19 Unit, Axis Entertainment Ave., N. Escario St., Birdseed Breakfast Club + Café provides 24/7 breakfast service perfect for night owls and crazy eaters in Cebu. Sometimes all you need for dinner is beef and hash browns, and Birdseed is a restaurant that can give you just that.

The best cafe. Tightrope Coffee

Tightrope Coffee’s cafe in V. The Velez Medical Arts building on Ranudo street is the perfect place to make your coffee aesthetic dreams come true. Its minimalist, industrial loft design is a great atmosphere for anyone who wants to focus on their work. With floor-to-ceiling windows and a large stone island to work on, it’s almost like a bar, but for coffee lovers.

Best Food Park: Cebu Mercado

Sugbo Mercado hosts a wide variety of food, from local favorites to international fare. It is a place where new food vendors try their luck in the Cebu food scene. It has several permanent locations such as the market (near Parkmall), Cebu IT Park and Cebu Business Park.

The best Korean restaurant. 4.15 dining room

4.15 Dining is all about its premium meat offerings, which Korean food connoisseurs consider essential. The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes that add a real touch to the ever vibrant Korean cuisine. Visit the 4:15 dining room at the FLC Center, 888 Hernan Cortes St., Mandaue City.

Best Sports Bar: First 5 Sports Lounge & Cafè

First 5 Sports Lounge & Café is a one-stop destination for all sports lovers. Located in the heart of Cebu in Bonifacio District, Ft. On Kabahug Street, First 5 regularly invites sports fans and enthusiasts to watch live broadcasts of popular sporting events, perfectly paired with its cold beer, crispy sisig and crispy pig ears. .

Best Chicharo: Pastrano’s Chicharo

Pastrano’s Chicharon has everything you look for in pork rinds; it’s delicious without being too overwhelming, hearty and has that crunch factor. This goes best with sukang pinakurat. To order, message Pastrano’s Chicharon on Facebook.

Best Lechon Chicken. Chanoks Inasal:

Chanoks Inasal has consistently won the Best Lechon Manok category since 2020 and provides mouth-watering, juicy chicken in two flavors: Spicy and Classic. There are several branches of Chanoks Inasal in Cebu and each branch ensures that their lechon manok is grilled to perfection.

Best Paella: Gorlees

Gorliz has mastered the art of creating this delicious rice mixed with fresh meat, seafood and vegetables to create and perfect his mouth-watering paella. Tossed with clams, bell peppers and freshly squeezed lemon juice, Gorliz doesn’t hold back when it comes to paella.

Best Samgyeopsal. SO Korean BBQ Cebu

Pork belly or samgyeopsal has become one of the most popular food trends in the Philippines. It is cheap and requires minimal effort to cook. At KAYA Korean BBQ, you get this and more. The soft and tender meat is so delicious and it goes best with KAYA’s wide range of side dishes. KAYA Korean BBQ is located in Bonifacio District, F. Mandaue City. On Cabahug Street.

Best Chocolate Cake: Nicole’s Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate Cakes by Nicole’s Super Moist Chocolate Supreme are baked with premium Belgian chocolate ganache, taking the cake to a whole other level of deliciousness. Combined with an extremely moist cake base, the overall texture immediately bursts into sensations. Nicole’s Chocolate Cakes has stalls in Ayala Center Cebu, Parkmall and Scooby’s Café in Carcar City.

Best Cheesecake: Tamp Café & Co.

Tamp Café & Co. prides itself on making award-winning cheesecakes. Each layer of the cheesecake is perfect, giving customers the perfect filling-to-crust ratio that tastes just right. Tamp Café & Co. has four branches in Cebu at 12 Pres. Aguinaldo St., Kasambagan; Unit 105, Banilad City Center; Ground Floor, Tsai Hotel Lahug; and Unit 47-48, Paseo Arcenas Banawa.

The best donuts. Fullbring Bakery

Fullbring Bakery continues to make waves in the competitive market with its unmatched creativity and mouth-watering donuts. Its signature flavors range from warm little bites of glazed donuts to lip-smacking chocolate frosted donuts. Fullbring Bakery provides a feast for the eyes with its colorful designs and provides a wide variety of flavors that make every bite worth it. It is located in Talisay and is accepting pre-orders through its Facebook page.

Best Korean Garlic Cream Cheese Bread: Sasa Cover

It’s love at first bite when Sasa Cover’s delicious-sweet garlic pancakes hit your palate. They’re the perfect size, and the textured buns are stuffed to the brim with garlic, complemented by just the right amount of cheese and butter. Taste this bread for yourself. Sasa Cover is located at E-Zone, next to Balamban Liempo, Panagdait, F. Cabahug St., Cebu City.

The best barber shop. Colors and peaches

If you want to straighten your hair, you can get acquainted with the wide range of services offered by Colors & Peach: Colors & Peach has branches in GPH Central, Kasambagan and AyalaMalls Central Bloc.

Best value massage. Grand Royal Spa

What better way to relax than at a spa that prides itself on its cleanliness and expertise in providing quality treatments and services. Located on Salinas Drive, Lahug, Grand Royal Spa features traditional Indian techniques to relax the body and mind through stone massage and Filipino relaxation through its Hilot massages.

Best department store: SM Store

SM Store offers a wide range of high quality products that are durable and suitable for whatever its customers may need. From fashion to skincare to sports, SM Store has it all for you.

The best meat shop. Monterey Meat Shop

Behind every good meal is a collection of high-quality ingredients. Monterey Meat Shop provides a selection of meats that undergo rigorous quality assurance inspections to ensure the safety and satisfaction of its customers.

More winners will be announced in the coming days. Follow SunStar Cebu and SunStar Best of Cebu on social media for news and updates.