Sukiyaki Pizza Rice Bowl is Domino’s latest fusion innovation in Japan

Some time ago, Domino’s Pizza Japan started selling Pizza Rice Bowls. Instead of crust, they start with a layer of rice, which is then topped with mozzarella cheese and added to pizza toppings before baking, like the chain’s orthodox pies.

We tried them when they first came out and they were happy and full. But if you’re already going against the pizza crust tradition, Domino’s brings us to Japan’s newest innovation: the Gyusukiyaki Pizza Rice Bowl.


Actually, the name is a little redundant, because gyu It means “beef”, which is a must-have ingredient when making sukiyaki. The Gyusukiyaki Pizza Rice Bowl features soft beef strips along with negi (long scallions, another key ingredient in sukiyaki) and is flavored with two types of soy sauce and two types of sugar to recreate the sweet-salty flavors of the traditional stew. takes its inspiration from this rice bowl. Finally, the Gyusukiyaki Pizza Rice Bowl is finished off with a generous drizzle of “egg yolk sauce,” as many sukiyaki fans like to dip the beef in water before popping it into their mouths, for example.

Joining the Gyusukiyaki is another pizza rice bowl inspired by a popular succulent Asian dish: heart or barbecued short ribs.


Using its full name, this is the Sumibiyaki Shio Buta Heart Pizza Rice Bowl, and its first three sections translate to “Charcoal Grilled Salt Pork.” The short ribs are accompanied by crunchy green peppers and slices of garlic (Domino’s Japan describes the garlic as an “accent”, but given the size of the slices in the photo it looks like it packs a pretty big punch).

The stand-alone sukiyaki pizza rice bowl is priced at 999 yen and the heart at 899 yen, but it’s mysteriously the same price if you order the two sides as part of the My Domino set, 1,390 yen.

Both are available now and will be circulating until April 23.

Source: Public Relations Times through on the mountain

Images: Public Relations Times

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