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Chef Javier Laurie

For Executive Chef Javier Laurie, CEC, WCEC, creating tempting meals with quality presentation is key to creating lasting, memorable moments at Stonebridge Country Club.

“We provide high quality products and first class service because to me and my culinary team the members are like family and the club is an extension of their home. Being able to interact with members and hear the shared memories they’ve made around the meals we’ve served is the greatest compliment,” said Laurie, the award-winning kitchen master.

Originally from Lima, Peru, Laurie, an accomplished chef with over 18 years of experience, recently earned a bronze medal in the 2022 Chef of the Year competition hosted by the American Culinary Federation.


Laurie, who is also the second vice president of the Palm Beach chapter of the Federation, earned the award for his advanced culinary skills competing against 15 top chefs across the country and his community efforts in mentoring young students in the kitchen. .

“Cooking is in my bones. Since I can remember, I’ve explored different methods and styles to grow my craft, and I’m honored to share those skills with the future generation of chefs,” said Laurie, who has been the head chef at Stonebridge is. .

When he is in the kitchen with his multicultural team, they work together to bring different creative and cultural techniques for an exceptional dining experience in the club.

“Attention to small details is what sets us apart from other country clubs. We strive to keep abreast of the different trends in the cooking world while providing the traditional and classic meals that our members cherish,” says Laurie.

At Stonebridge Country Club, members can enjoy delicious gourmet meals and nightly themed recipes suitable for virtually any occasion. They can also enjoy Chef Laurie’s signature meals, such as his special Bouillabaisse, a French soup made with scallops, mid-neck mussels, jumbo shrimp, lobster meat, and Pei mussels served in a tomato-saffron-fennel broth topped with homemade rustic French baguette crostini.

“When I put down a plate for a member or their guest and I see the reaction of pleasure because of the time and attention I have taken to perfect my craft, that fuels me to continue cooking and to continue communicating with our community,” he says.

Stonebridge Country Club, 10343 Stonebridge Blvd., Boca Raton, 561-488-0800,

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