Spinn coffee machine review. this is the coffee maker of the future.

I don’t identify as a coffee snob. I can tell when it’s coffee indeed ok, subtle jazzy flavors and all that jazz, but overall, I’m pretty easy to please as long as I’m not drinking weak garbage. That being said, I to do love me a coffee and i drink it everyday. Sometimes (many times) a few cups.

Since I’m a little picky about my coffee, I wasn’t sure if the Spinn coffee maker would(Opens in a new tab) made for someone like me. But after testing it, I can confidently say that I was mostly wrong.

So let’s get Spin, shall we?

Beverage equipment

The Spinn is the most unique coffee machine I have ever used. First, it has a built-in frother, so you can store whole beans in the pod and get fresh grounds for every cup you make. Big W right there. What’s really cool about it, though, is how it makes your mug. After it grinds the beans, the machine uses centrifugal force (up to 5,000 rpm) to push the coffee through a filter similar to a juicer. It then dispenses the finished product into the container of your choice, delivering a quality cup of caffeinated goodness in just minutes. And that end product is great. Every time I made a drink with the Spinn, it produced something that was delicious and an absolute joy to drink.

The car itself big. At least it was for my little apartment. It stuck out like a sore thumb in my kitchen, but once I got it in place (albeit awkwardly), the rest of the installation process was refreshingly simple; all I needed to do was fill the water reservoir and pour out the coffee beans. in the bar above. From there I was ready to taste my first cup of coffee.

It’s a big boy, but still looks pretty cool.
Credit: Spinn

I knew one of the Spinn’s biggest selling points was the integrated smartphone app, but I decided to brew my first few cups using the machine’s manual controls to get a feel for things. Internal touch buttons allow you to choose from three different cup sizes or four different custom profiles that you can create in the Spinn app. Here you’ll also find various indicator lights to let you know when to clean the grounds container, add more beans, fill the water reservoir or change the drip tray, making daily maintenance easier (you can also receive these alerts as app notifications). I made my first few cups using just these options and had impressive results every time; it felt like I was drinking coffee from my local coffee shop, which is more than I can say for a Hamilton Beach coffee maker.(Opens in a new tab) I’m used to working (although I still love it).


The Keurig K-Express is nail-friendly, but it sacrifices a lot to get there

Besides the coffee it makes, Spinn has a lot to love. For one, it runs surprisingly quietly. I expected the built-in grinder to sound like a lawnmower, but it was more like a low hum that was frankly comforting rather than disturbing. I was also impressed with how easy it was to dispose of the spent booze after I finished my morning coffee; they dry completely instead of the wet mess you might be used to with other cars, reducing the chance of this happening. mold formation and enables the use of old soils for composting. The zero-waste installation was nice to see in a market that has outgrown non-recyclable coffee pods. I also liked the versatility of the drip tray, which can be raised for smaller cups or removed completely to fill a thermos or carafe.

It’s not perfect though. There were some aspects of the car that really detracted from my experience with it. What bothered me the most was the fact that changing beans is hard work. Let’s say you’ve completely filled the tank with one pan, but at the end of the week you’re in the mood for something else; you’ll have to dig out all those beans to put in new ones. and it can take what seems like an eternity. If there was some way to remove the chaff and pour the beans back into their bag, that wouldn’t be a problem. But you can’t do that, so this is your warning to keep a small amount of beans at a time if you foresee yourself changing the flavor on a regular basis.

Another downside is that the dark roasts don’t match the machine, and as a big fan of dark roasts, this was a disappointment. The reason for this is that dark roasts tend to release more oils than light roasts during the grinding process and this really hinders the Spinn’s performance. For such an expensive product, users don’t have to compromise on the type of coffee they want to drink.

Coffee grounds composting person

Spinn’s zero-waste setup is essential.
Credit: Spinn

I’d be remiss not to highlight the milk frother, which you can add to your Spinn setup for $50 when purchased as a bundle or $99 when purchased separately. It doesn’t give you the same end product you’d get with a steam wand, but it’s much easier to use and did the trick for me when I was craving a latte or wanted a little extra froth on my cappuccino. I just wish it had some sort of communication with the machine and the app, but if you like coffee drinks with frothed milk and have some extra cash, I think it’s worth picking up. (Although you can of course choose a cheaper foam from another brand).

Your own digital barista

While you can make coffee fairly easily using the Spinn’s controls, the machine really shines when you use it in conjunction with the Spinn mobile app.

When I first opened it, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of coffee recipes I could try, from regular espresso drinks to cold brew to lattes and cappuccinos (as long as you have milk froth). There are more than two dozen in total, and new ones are added every now and then. When you’re ready to make a cup, all you have to do is choose a recipe, choose a size, and let it rip. Without fail, every time I selected a recipe, Spinn was quick to respond and make my drink of choice with no troubleshooting or errors. It was just futuristic. The cold brew version is also cool, but you have to pour it over ice to actually get it cold because Spinn can’t refrigerate the drink before serving it. Although it technically isn’t a correct Cold cooking. traditionally, it must be soaked for 24 hours to be considered as such; the machine still produces delicious results for fast iced coffee.

The added layer of convenience that the app brings to the table is also worth noting. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve breathed a sigh of relief knowing that I can just grab my phone and start making my coffee without even getting out of bed. (That’s provided I remembered to put a mug on the drip tray the night before, of course, which is only slightly sour and adds to the comfort).

The app has more features than just coffee recipes. It also includes a custom marketplace where you can buy coffee beans from local roasters, as well as a personalized quiz to help you find your perfect coffee match. The beans you buy from the market also include roasting settings that you can use by scanning the bag, which will slightly tweak any recipe you choose to their specifications so you can get their version of the perfect cup.

A screenshot of the Spinn app

The Spinn market is actually really neat.
Credit: Screenshot: Spin

A screenshot of the Spinn app

Not sure what kind of coffee you like? Spinn will find your perfect match.
Credit: Screenshot: Spin

However, I wished more budget brands were available on the Spinn market. While supporting small brewers is great, it’s not always the most affordable option. Budget beans can be used with the machine, but you have to manually set up the recipes instead of scanning them, which seems like a missed opportunity. Can you imagine getting custom settings for your favorite Dunkin’ blend? I can, and I wish it were true. Other than that, I think the app is a real masterpiece and will only get better as more are added to it in the future.

But who is it? for?

The Spinn can cost up to $1,199(Opens in a new tab) depending on whether you get it with accessories or not, and that would put it out of reach for a lot of people. It’s a shame, in my opinion, because this car is pretty special. It just becomes really hard to justify the price to someone who doesn’t have that kind of disposable income when there are much cheaper options that can also make incredibly tasty cups of coffee.

But there’s definitely a niche audience for Spinn(Opens in a new tab). It’s not for people who like to cook a whole pot that they can use throughout the day. It’s more for people who want to change recipes on the fly, or for those who live with multiple coffee drinkers with different preferences. It’s also for people who have $1,000 to spend on a damn coffee machine.

But if you can swing the price tag and you want a convenient way to make versatile freshly ground coffee recipes with relative ease, I can definitely recommend picking up the Spinn. It allows for a lot of experimentation, and I doubt you’ll ever be disappointed with the brew you end up with.

And hey, if you’re the kind of person who spends a small fortune each year buying individual cups of coffee from your local shop in the morning, maybe you’ll even break even one day by switching to this thing.