Soul Food Sunday at Mother’s Basket in DeSoto

When Jackie Johnson was only 12, her mother, Jackie Mitchell, began teaching her to cook all different types of soul food. Mitchell was coached by “Mother” Vernie Brown, who is the namesake of Mother’s Basket, a restaurant in DeSoto. Johnson passed these dishes on to her husband, son and daughter, who run the restaurant with her, making this a truly generational establishment.

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Soul Food Sunday at Mother’s Basket starts at noon and is sometimes sold out by 2pm

Molly Wolchansky


The best day to try Mother’s Basket is Soul Food Sunday, when people from all over North Texas arrive to catch the special of the day. The restaurant is located about 25 minutes from downtown Dallas, but that doesn’t stop patrons from making the weekly trip.

There is no set menu on Sundays, and that’s because Johnson “likes to cook from the heart”. The wait is never that bad, but sometimes they sell out as early as 2pm, so make sure you arrive early.

Soul Food Sunday serves staples such as baked pork chops, oxtail, neck bones, fried fish, chicken thigh quarters and a variety of classic side dishes such as macaroni and cheese, green beans, black-eyed peas, seasoning of cornbread, sweet potatoes and cabbage.

We tried the tender baked chicken that falls off the bone and is covered with a crisp, slightly peppery skin. One scoop each of topping, macaroni and cheese, and green beans with a side of cornbread were all perfect.

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A basket of catfish with sweet potatoes and cabbage.

Molly Wolchansky

We also tried the fried catfish, which is coated with a thin, crunchy breading. Combined with the sautéed, buttery cabbage and thick cornbread, it makes for a delicious journey back in time for the taste buds. Sunday specials start at $ 14 and portions are generous, so make sure you arrive hungry.

Mother’s Basket is only open from Thursday to Sunday. The regular menu is available when it’s not Soul Food Sunday, and boasts dishes like Smokey Denmark Hot Links, which come with fries, bread, pickles, and peppers and starts at $ 6.

There are other dishes to choose from such as the Pork Chop Basket, which comes with the same sides and starts at $ 9. If you’re not a fan of pork, try the Chicken Wings Basket and the Tender Chicken Basket. starts at $ 6, and make sure you don’t pass the sugar-stuffed peach mango tea.

The restaurant is takeaway only. While waiting for your order, be sure to check out the family photos displayed on each wall. Everything is served in styrofoam containers and the food is packaged so that it stays hot for a while.

Mum’s Basket, 208 North Hampton Road, Suite C, DeSoto. 11:00 – 20:00 Thursday – Saturday and Sunday 12:00 until sold out – closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.