Skinnie P’s BBQ: Cooking for Christ

Heather Ainsley
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Local Mark David Prevatt puts the finishing touches to a dream that took eight years to come. While serving as pastor at San Pedro Baptist Church in Perry, Florida, Prevatt and his family have participated in many different types of ministry, from missionary trips to church outreach. Through his various experiences, Prevatt says, his eyes have opened to the existence of real needs in the local communities they work with. He began thinking of a way to meet those needs and reach people where they needed help most, focusing not only on their spiritual needs but also on their often critical physical needs.
In December 2022, Prevatt started his new missionary company called Skinnie P’s BBQ. Right now, the company handles day-to-day operations from its family home and travels to various locations in the communities to literally fulfill its mission of serving the public.
Skinnie P’s BBQ is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 business focused on providing free BBQ meals to the public and relies on donations and fundraisers to fund its efforts. Large smokers and grills are towed to each site, pulled on a tow trailer behind the family vehicle, and from there Prevatt capitalizes on his servant’s attitude, serving members of the community delicious smoked and grilled BBQ service to those seeking help of a spiritual nature to accompany their complimentary meal.
“People are looking for hope,” says Prevatt. “It never ceases to amaze me; so many people struggle with the term “free” that we offer them this meal for free without any obligation or expectation. So often they kind of look at you, “what’s the catch?” but there is no catch! Seeing the joy on people’s faces when you can give them something and expect nothing in return other than that they know you just love them and are there to help. That right there is kind of the most rewarding part.”

“We want to meet that need in the community, both spiritually and physically. Whether that means local here or something we can get involved with nationally, with missions or ministry to help out with food or financial assistance or whatever the door that God opens.”
The idea of ​​turning Skinnie P’s BBQ name into a charitable endeavor was important to Prevatt and his wife, Rachel. “Having a nonprofit organization is the process, when you get things, you can give them back and give them back. Also, you can give people the opportunity to support the service in a way that they know that whatever comes in comes out immediately to help others. It’s about having a servant’s heart to serve people and that’s the main reason why we chose to be a non-profit organization rather than a regular company. We didn’t want this ministry to be about us, it was about the God we serve.”
Skinnie P’s BBQ occasionally hosts fundraisers where they sell whole, smoked meats like chicken, Boston butts, and ribs to people to raise money that Skinnie P’s BBQ can then use to fuel the community’s chicken dinners. Of course, those who would like to donate money in exchange for their free meal are welcome to do so, although it is not required. The money donated goes directly back into the ministry and is used not only for the free chicken dinners, but also for the purchase of literature to be distributed to those in need, as well as for other community outreach efforts.
Prevatt says they are always looking for new ways to support the community through Skinnie P’s BBQ and actively seek to work side-by-side with local organisations, civic groups and businesses to provide food and services where needed for their events, festivals and gatherings .
“We want the community to know that we encourage everyone, no matter who, to get in touch with us and let us know how we can serve them and how we can work with them. That’s one thing we want to make sure of, especially here in Jefferson County where we’re located. We’re open to anyone who would like to ask us to collaborate with them on something they do, and we’re also open to any support. So we are open to everything that someone wants to help or support us with; we are open to all of that. We look forward to hearing from people.”
Consistent with the requirements of a 501(c)3 organization, Prevatt says he will not work with any political party or affiliation. He describes himself as a man who is not a “political guy” and says he will remain firm in not getting involved in politically charged events.
Through this selfless work of ministry, Prevatt enjoys fostering a sense of faith, hope and love in the communities he serves, saying, “We want to show love, regardless of the many divisions the world can have, we want unity bring the communities, not just on the surface but deep inside. We see it all the time; When great things happen, our communities come together to support one another and show compassion. We want to create more of this and encourage it to happen more often.”
“We’re excited to see what the Lord will do through this nonprofit organization,” says Prevatt. “We want to fulfill this and act in faith. In this way we reach people where they are and share the love of our Lord. We are excited to see what God is capable of through this.”
Anyone who would like to donate to help support Skinnie P’s BBQ service can donate through their Venmo: Skinnie P’s BBQ @skinniep.
Outside of his community service, Prevatt serves as pastor at San Pedro Baptist Church in Perry and as an assistant chaplain at Jefferson County Correctional Institution. He and his wife Rachel have been married since February 19, 2000 and have four children, Taylor, Mark, Jeremiah and Espen. The community can expect great things from Skinny P’s BBQ, where the Prevatt family works together to spread love, faith and hope not only in their community but in communities across the country. Every day, the family lives by the words of their Skinny P motto: “Everything we do is for the kingdom of God.”