Skinless chicken breast gets a vegan makeover


A new era of skinless chicken breasts made without the use of birds is being unfolded for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. This week, Swiss-based company Planted Foods raised her $72 million in venture capital to grow her plant-based meat company. A particular focus is on whole meats, such as skinless chicken breasts. The company now produces plant-based chicken pieces, pulled pork, kebabs and schnitzels, which it sells in more than 4,000 of his retail outlets in Europe and 3,000 of his restaurants.

Planted uses a technique called “biostructuring” to produce minimally processed vegan meats that start with protein extracted from plants and are elongated by wet extrusion before undergoing a fermentation process. increase. To perfect an innovative vegan chicken breast made with yellow pea protein, Planted has teamed up with acclaimed German chef Tim Laue to offer his Michelin star in Berlin from Sept. 15. Incorporate whole-cut proteins into the menus of his two-star eponymous restaurant. The Planted vegan chicken breast will be available in restaurants first and retail stores next year.

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“I enjoy working with good products and Planted chicken breasts, like all Planted products, meet this requirement without compromise. ,moreover [positive] Contribution to our climate — for positive cooking, such products are essential. ”

The new $72 million round builds on the previous $19 million Planted raised in 2021 for its international expansion. “We are proud to be Europe’s fastest growing alternative protein company, with a strong track record in the established and still young markets of Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France, as well as growth in the UK and Italy. Initial development in new markets such as Planted is on track,” Planted co-founder Christoph Jenny said in a statement. We are expanding our product range with a new line of cut products and building another production facility.”

Remake skinless chicken breast without chicken

What’s wrong with animal-based chicken breasts? They come from factory farms that have been mistreated and crammed together in dire conditions. This method of raising chickens also creates a breeding ground for zoonotic diseases, resulting in outbreaks of bird flu worldwide.

Poultry farming on poultry farms is also an environmental nightmare. A report released this week by the World Animal Protection (WAP) found that producing 2.2 pounds of chicken produces 3.85 pounds of carbon dioxide and 2.51 grams of biogenic methane. Given this, the US is projected to produce 45.5 billion pounds of chicken in 2022. This is equivalent to carbon emissions from 4 billion gallons of gas. Reducing consumption of traditionally raised chicken can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, WAP says.

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And Planted is working with other companies to help consumers do just that. “Our planted chicken breasts are better than animal breasts. [is convincing] Dr. Judith Wemmer, Planted’s director and head of product development, said in a statement: “Therefore, we are very pleased to see our novelty launched in the restaurant industry, with top chefs like Tim Laue. It’s been a lot of fun for us and has a lot of delicious potential.”

In addition to Planted, other companies are working to develop chicken breast alternatives, such as Lightlife Foods debuting an unbreaded vegan chicken breast made with pea protein and chickpea flour. Brazilian meat giant JBS recently entered plant-based chicken breast through its subsidiary Planterra Foods. Last fall, the Colorado-based company released vegan his chicken shreds and cutlets made with True Bite technology. The vegan chicken is a proprietary blend of shiitake fermented pea and rice proteins that mimic the taste and texture of animals.

Another Colorado-based company, Meati Foods, is taking a different approach to making whole-cut vegan chicken breasts. We use our power to create nutritious vegan meats, including chicken breast. Meati raised $150 million in Series C funding in July. That includes participation from Chipotle’s new venture fund to further commercialize whole-cut vegan his chicken and steaks.


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But is there a demand for chicken breasts made this way? Well, when Meati made its chicken products available for nationwide delivery through its website earlier this year, they sold out within 24 hours. The second launch was equally successful.

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