Six new Melbourne bakeries and sandwich shops for summer

Despite the fact that kilos and kilos of bagels, focaccia and sandwiches have graced our city over the past few years, there’s more to it than that.

Here are six new (or new) places to pick up picnic supplies, plan a catch-up on the cheap, or cure your hangover with a powerful singer.

Lt Cardigan and Bench Coffee Co share an industrial space in Brunswick. Photo: supplied

The large warehouse space is now home to the sister businesses Bench Coffee Co and Lt. Cardigan. Ardent fans of Leith Cardigan’s chokupan can now enjoy the bakery’s Japanese milk bread right there. Pastries are also on the rise: jalapeno, onion and cheese croissants, jam-filled brioche, black sesame croissants and more, with new items on the way, including a morning muffin.

The Let’s Cardigan was originally a side project of Loafer Bread baker Satoshi Narusawa, who supplied the chokupan for the katsu sando in St. Drew, as well as part of the bench stable. The breads she’s currently baking are made for toast and are available to take home.

Despite its industrial proportions, the 60-seat space (which also features Bench’s coffee roaster) has a rustic feel, a result of the team building it themselves.

Open Tue-Sun 8am-4pm, 38 Breeze Street, Brunswick,

Back Alley Bakes in Coburg North has expanded from a stop-start home baking project to a large warehouse with a shop open several days a week.  Posted in Good Food January 16, 2023

Back Alley Bakes has grown from a baking project to a warehouse and shop. Photo: supplied

Lock project Back Alley Bakes Alana Trevisan and Gabriel Alonso have expanded from sourdough bread baked in their Preston home to a large Coburg warehouse with a shop.

The update means that Back Alley can now make wieners and other products. A big change from “two or three people crammed together like penguins in a one-car garage,” former chef Alonso said.

Behind the pink roller door, the expanded team makes breakfast scones with passionfruit cream, sausage rolls using croissant dough (“croissausos”) and sourdough English muffins in three flavors. Slow-rising breads made with Burrum Biodynamic flour are used in sandwiches, including pastrami and emmental; chicken salad; and kasundi roasted cauliflower. Coffee is by Axil Coffee Roasters.

Open Wed-Fri 6.30am-2.30pm, Sat 8am-3pm, 10 Leslie Ave, Coburg North,

A block from busy Hoddle Street is a little piece of Paris from a young baker who trained in the French capital. JC Patisserie and Boulangerie Wrought iron details, marble surfaces, and a crystal chandelier by Jonathan Camilleri design a seven-tiered opera cake, croissants in rectangles (pictured, right) for an extra flaky texture, and the Paris favorite, the Porte Saint-Honore. Camilleri is hard to find in Melbourne bakeries.

She took over a two-car garage in 2021 and spent 19 months turning it into a working bakery. A specialty coffee blend from Criteria Coffee paired with New York-style cheesecakes, madeleines and more. designed for coordination.

Open Tue-Fri 8am-2pm, Sat-Sun 9am-2pm, 17 Henry Street, Abbotsford,

Sandwiches – fresh, toasted or hot – are the range of the menu Shooter McGavin, a new takeaway location near Carlton Gardens. Ciabatta chicken salad is decorated with chicken skin, and fish meat is filled with chips. But the hot honey chicken, fried to a crisp and encased in a Southern-style biscuit, is even more hearty.

Salads make an occasional appearance, and there are pancakes in the morning or brioche rolls for an afternoon sugar hit. Along with Inglewood coffee, find frothy smoothies or house-made iced teas in flavors like peach and pineapple, strawberry and lemon, or coconut and lime. Owner Paul Butera previously ran Oscar Cooper Cafe in Prahran.

Open Mon-Fri 7am-3pm, Sat 8am-3pm, 117 Grattan Street, Carlton,

Hector’s deli has opened its third store, transforming former Fitzroy tenant Smith & Deli into a low-and-bright sandwich bar with a few seats for diners. .

Open daily 7am-3pm, 111 Moore St, Fitzroy,

Bagel – pastrami, sopressa and more. car of choice for Dan’s Deli Expanded to Carlton in 2021 after first opening in Toorak. Drinks with cross-sections of meat, lettuce and cheese come with names like The Big Bang, and there are new juices in combinations like celery, spinach, apple and orange. for health.

Open Tue-Sun 7am-3.30pm, 210 Queensberry Street, Carlton, no website