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Minimalism is a trend that has continued through many changing years however, a trend that is rarely seen in kitchens, especially Bangladeshi kitchens. And while yes, having all the spice bottles, oils, dishes, and bowls can be somewhat helpful, it can make the kitchen look cluttered and get in the way of the cooking flow. So how does one get started in the minimalist kitchen of their dreams?

First, take inventory of everything you have in the kitchen and ask yourself if you have use for all the things cluttering your counters and cabinets. Do you really need a fourth mixing bowl? Do you really use the sandwich maker enough to justify taking up precious counter space? Be honest with what you use and need and donate the rest. Not only will this save space, but it will also help you simplify what you use on a daily basis.

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Second, store the items you decide to keep. And controversially, skip the open shelves. Sure, it looks lovely in the Architecture Digest homes but in real life Bangladesh is simply too dusty and you’re too busy for open shelves and before long all your cute pots and pans will have a thick layer of dust on them.

Store your cooking utensils in cupboards and cupboards, but if you really like open shelves, choose your most frequently used pots and pans and be sure to wash them daily. Along the same lines, store appliances you rarely use but can’t stand to be separated from like a juicer, waffle maker, and air fryer in your cabinets and keep them off counters.


The next thing you should do? Choose neutral colors. Yes, while a wise green closet may look great in your favorite celebrity’s home, it’s not exactly timeless. Choose white, gray, and earthy neutral tones and watch your kitchen transform into pure elegance. This doesn’t mean you have to go and remodel your entire kitchen right away, but doing something as simple as choosing similar-colored cookware, dishes, and utensils as well as putting different spices and oils back into similarly shaped jars and containers goes a long way in creating the look of a minimalist kitchen.

Finally, keep your work surfaces squeaky clean, not only from dust, dirt and grime but also from clutter. The only items on the counter should be what you use on a daily basis and anything that would cause an inconvenience to move around every time you want to use it. This includes microwaves, as well as salt and pepper shakers, daily use oils, etc. Every seasoning, oil, etc. can be moved to the spice drawer or cabinet. Not only does this help reduce visual clutter and keep you focused on the dish you’re cooking, but it will also help make the kitchen look more beautiful and well-groomed.

Its simplicity allows us to focus on what is important, what is really necessary, and let go of what is unimportant. And while part of the simplicity certainly includes making everything look elegant and streamlined, it helps greatly in increasing productivity and creativity.