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By Tania Rebello

Saturday family lunches are a tradition in Bahrain. You will often find that people spend quality time with their family and friends over a sumptuous meal in restaurants.


Several restaurants have gone the extra mile to create a beautiful ambiance and menu suitable for sharing. An example of such a restaurant is Salero.

Located in a cozy corner of The Westin, Bahrain’s city centre, Salero is home to Bahrain’s finest authentic Spanish cuisine and live Flamenco.

The Daily Tribune visited Chef Jordi Bataller’s artistic restaurant to experience their Spanish lunch buffet ‘Vermut A Tu Salud’, featuring a range of unique flavor combinations, thoughtfully created by Chef Sergio Boreggo and his experienced team.

As you walk through the entrance to Salero you immediately notice the dim lighting with beautiful modern decor that is so inviting and instantly relaxes the mind so you are ready for a tasteful Spanish experience.

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The greeters and servers are Spanish which adds to the overall experience. We sat at a table next to the breathtaking Flamenco guitarist who played toe-tapping Flamenco music while the breathtaking bailaora danced expertly to the tunes.

The food display had a wide variety of cold tapas. Tapas represent portions of food served in small dishes intended for sharing. What caught our attention were the cute little bowls each item was served in.

We collected a few bowls of cold tapas and enjoyed them at our table. Huevos rellenos de surimi (deviled eggs with crab) was my first bite. The filling was so light, creamy and delicious. The crab flavor was prominent but did not overpower the egg yolk.

The pinch of freshly cracked black pepper and chopped celery tied it all together so well. I then took a bite of the Queso de Cabra con cebolla caramelizada (caramelized onions with goat cheese). The tartness of the goat cheese blended perfectly with the golden, caramelized onions.

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We also found the potato salad with tuna and herbs to be particularly well-balanced in terms of taste and seasonings.

They were served with cute little breadsticks that looked like mini baguettes.

There were other delicious cold tapas such as marinated olives, marinated mussels with vinaigrette and gazpacho to name a few.

The chilled sangrias and vermut were perfect drinks to wash it all down.

They also had fresh juices as non alcoholic options. While we were enjoying the cold tapas an array of hot tapas was brought to our table by the friendly waiters.

They also explained each dish to all the guests attending lunch that day which I found instructive.

The warm tapas consisted of patatas bravas, which means spicy potatoes.

This dish was a favorite of everyone at the table as it consisted of a delicious spice mix on perfectly cooked potatoes.

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The spicy potatoes were drizzled with two sauces; garlic aioli and a spicy brava sauce that gave it a spicy kick.

Served in a wire basket were crispy fried squid rings with a noticeable paprika flavour. A squeeze of lemon added a light, fresh flavor to the fried squid rings.

Egg benedict with tortilla was next. I must point out that by this time we started to feel quite full, but every dish served to us was very appealing to the senses, so we tried it. Let’s talk about the Egg Benedict with a tortilla. This is not the tortilla we all know.

Tortilla, pronounced as it is written, is an omelet made with potatoes and eggs.

One of the chef’s interesting creations was the hamburguesa de chorizo ​​de polla, essentially a Spanish chicken sausage dressed as a burger and chorizo ​​was packed with flavor.

Once we were done with all these little bites of pure delight, the much anticipated paella, freshly prepared by the chef, was piping hot and ready to be enjoyed. We tried the non-veg version.

The rice was cooked perfectly with chicken and seafood. Crispy, blanched asparagus was served with the paella, which gave the dish a fresh bite.

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We would have gone for seconds but by then we had room for dessert. The dessert display featured churros with chocolate sauce, vanilla cream filled profiteroles, brownies, mille-feuille and a lovely flan. There was also a decadent ten-layer high chocolate cake.
The hotel’s pastry chefs do a really great job preparing and presenting delicious desserts. The churros were irresistible and I may have lost count of how many I had. The vanilla puffs were filled with delicious vanilla cream and dipped in white chocolate.
They were lip-smacking. What we love about the menu at Salero is that each dish is prepared with the utmost respect for the flavor of the main ingredient, while staying true to authentic Spanish flavors. The live music and spectacular performances, the delicious meal and the friendliness of the staff will leave you with a smile on your face.
Plan your weekend today and head straight to Salero for their Saturday lunch buffet that will leave you feeling happy and content. If you visit the restaurant this Saturday, you might meet the man behind the whole chef Jordi Bataller who will be visiting Bahrain this weekend. Salero is open for brunch every Saturday from 1-5pm. For reservations, call 17171300 or WhatsApp 33502110.