Romsey children enjoy informative workshops

COUNTY FOOD GROUP provided local food and nutrition workshops for GCSE students at Romsey School.

Hampshire Fare, in partnership with LEAF Education, has provided informative talks about local and seasonal produce and careers in the food industry for students at Mountbatten School.

The workshops were delivered by Hampshire Fair Commercial Director Tracy Nash and LEAF Education South East Regional Education Consultant Jo Hatton on January 9th and January 19th.

Topics covered in the workshops included what is seasonal food, what is local food, and what is food that our region specializes in.

They looked at the advantages and disadvantages of using local ingredients in the dishes, which cafes and shops in the area use and sell local and seasonal ingredients, and whether there are current trends and initiatives promoting the use of local ingredients.

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Students were also asked to choose their favorite locally produced ingredients, before suggesting ways in which these ingredients could be used in an upcoming cooking test.

Tracy commented: “The workshops were really fun.

“We distributed Hampshire price guides for food and drink discovery in the Test Valley, and introduced students to a wide range of locally available produce, including pork pies from Tatchbury Manor Farm and fresh trout from ChalkStream Foods.

We’ve also done a Local Producers Career Challenge using stickers from Hampshire Fare’s award-winning Stay Loyal Stay Local campaign.

“The artwork features characters in the local food and drink community, and we asked students to identify the job roles they represent.

“The students really engaged with this fun and interactive element.

“They learned a lot, and not just about production, the workshops also covered cooking and the environment.”

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Joe Hutton added: “It is very important for consumers to appreciate the value of their local food producers, and to have insight into the range and quality of what is available.

“The students were clearly impressed and had a better understanding of the many careers they could choose in the food industry.”

Emily Grace, a food and nutrition teacher at Mountbatten School, said: “The visits to Hampshire Fare and LEAF Education were informative, interactive and engaging.

“The workshops made it possible for everyone to learn about local and seasonal ingredients.

“Not only did they help the students with their recipes, but they also provided insight into the world beyond the school, and how they can support their communities and environment.”