Rolling Stoves food truck delivers great food and satisfaction

Posted by Lee Wardlaw [email protected]

CLAY COUNTY – Rolling Stoves Family Grill is a mobile food delivery service and event food truck that offers countless delicious options.

Founder and owner of the business, Sheena McLevy, chose to launch The Rolling Stoves about a year ago today, by purchasing the food truck from Grub Brothers Creative Catering, an organization with a similar business model in Orange Park.

“I decided it was an adventure I wanted to get into and put it together in a matter of months,” he said.

McLevy is a long-time resident of the community and his favorite thing to do is to feed the residents of the county he loves so much.

“I grew up here. I love this county. My aim is to do as much social assistance as I can, just to feed this district and to influence people,” he said.

McLevy runs the family-owned operation with his fiancee and children.

As the hard-working mom and entrepreneur works harder to achieve her career goals, she has a specific goal in mind: to help advance the career development of her daughter, a teenager who was recently diagnosed with lupus.

Lupus is an inflammatory disease that occurs when the immune system attacks its tissues.

“The point of my job is to have something to do for him when he graduates from high school, because the outcome will be a little different, so I want something he can have to help me run.” said.

Rolling Stoves often delivers fresh-to-order beverage and food products to HCA Florida Orange Park, the Clay County Department of Construction, and a number of other locations, while also actively participating in numerous community networks and nonprofit outreach events throughout the year.

Finally, the food truck and catering service was available on Finally Friday, a business and networking event hosted by the Clay County Chamber of Commerce on Friday, Jan.

Most notably, The Rolling Stoves is at 1140 Kingsley Ave from 17:30-7:30 on 28 January. will cater to the Challenger Enterprises Prom, a high-priced community event held for the Orange Park First Baptist Church in St.

As for food, a full menu offers a variety of cuisines including breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee and tea, deli sandwiches, dessert, energy drinks, and smoothies and juices.

But that’s not all, because there really is an option to suit all tastes.

Healthy eating, comfort food, quick snacks, family style and kids menu are available.

As his small business continues to grow, McLevy envisions further advancement in his beloved career from the food truck industry to the catering industry.

“It’s easier and gives me more time to network. I love nurturing people and what I do,” McLevy said.

To reach The Rolling Stoves, please call or email (904) 625-6969 or [email protected] or visit