Roberson Family Restaurant in Seymour, Tennessee has comfort food

Jeremiah and Maja Roberson ran G&D Deli in South Knoxville for eight years, but they were looking for something more.

“It was a little mom and pop company. My husband and our kids worked there; it was very family oriented,” said Maja Roberson. “It was kind of a hole in the wall, and then we decided to spread our wings.”

The couple had been looking for a larger facility and more of a restaurant environment for their new venture, Roberson Family Restaurant, for some time now.


“The other place was a bit small; we live in Seymour and wanted to be closer to home,” said Roberson. “We found this place on the highway, and it’s generally a bit bigger.”

In the past 15 years, the building at 10211 Chapman Highway had been a barbecue area twice.

Jeremiah and Maja Roberson ran G&D deli in South Knoxville for eight years before opening Roberson Family Restaurant in Seymour in February.  July 28, 2022.

“We’ve decided not to go that route,” Roberson said. “This place doesn’t look like it used to; we wanted to go clean and simple. We’ve taken everything that was here before and recreated it in a simple way. Nothing special.”

Robersons’ signature comfort food is served in a family atmosphere.

“We strive that when you come to the restaurant, we want you to feel like family,” Roberson said. “Through the sandwich shop, we got to know our customers’ families and we’ve tried to expand that to this place. The girls who work for me try to make the customers feel at home.”