Redbridge Council grants delayed license to BIM’s fast food restaurant

A fast food restaurant on Ilford Lane finally got permission to open later—more than two years after its first attempt.

BIM’s will now be allowed to remain open an hour later – until 1am on weekdays and 2am on Fridays and Saturdays – despite complaints from a neighbor that its current hours are already affecting her children’s sleep.

In a sometimes heated hearing that lasted nearly three hours, neighbor Aisha Muhammad argued that the “constant noise” from drivers spinning their engines and whistling kept her from “feeling human.”

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But David Dads, a BIM attorney, said the neighbor was “exaggerating” and argued that her noise concerns should not be considered a public nuisance in the legal sense, because no one else had complained.

In a decision published last month, after a hearing on June 28, the committee approved the late-hours request but noted concerns about noise and motorbikes blocking the road and blocking Aisha’s lane.

The decision found that the issue was “borderline” because the inconvenience was not enough to engage in “public nuisance licensing objectives”.

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Parents argued that BIM’S “worked with neighbors” to allay concerns, after previous requests to extend its hours had included “20 or 30 objections”

In 2020, a committee refused to allow BIM’s to open until 1 a.m. on weekends, citing “litter littering and anti-social behaviour”, but later approved the request after a “trial run”.

In the middle of the hearing, committee member Zulfiqar Hussain stepped down after parents accused him of “confirmation bias” for asking if late hours would increase the risk of antisocial behaviour.

In his question, Cllr Zulfiqar had listed examples of antisocial behavior such as street drinking, nuisance, crime and disorder, and death “from prostitution”.

The Clementswood board member left the hearing but issued a statement through the committee’s legal counsel denying “any bias.”

Earlier in the hearing, BIM’s Dads attorney warned council members to be cautious about the views of Redbridge’s licensing officer because he was “not trained in law.”

While speaking later, Dads asked if he needed to wait for “phone off” panelist Alex Holmes to “get off the phone.”

Cllr Chairman Anne Sachs reassured parents that Cllr Holmes was checking documents on his phone because he did not have a laptop.

In response to concerns about noise, the committee has set a condition that burger orders will not be accepted “after 30 minutes before closing time”.

In October 2020, Met BIM’S Ilford issued a £1,000 fine on the spot for serving a customer ten minutes after the 10pm Covid curfew.