Reaction to Scouts Grill | Whitefish Pilot

Every once in a while I’ll start a letter to the pilot/editor about this or that… but it’s almost always frustrations… anger… sadness… down feelings… and who needs to hear it all when there’s so much of it swirling around pilot and read the article about the new Scouts Grill restaurant, I knew right away I could send a letter that finally had something positive to say… so here we go.

I’ve known the Archer family since they moved here years ago. Good people, always busy, very close-knit family. When I read about the restaurant they opened I was really not surprised that they cater to a family atmosphere. I was pleasantly surprised to know that there are also cross-country ski trails on the property, and I have frequented Denise’s Scout and Gather Mercantile, located on the same property, since its inception. I love the atmosphere and she sells unique, high quality items, always with her beautiful smile and great attitude. I knew about the mini golf course but never played there or anything as it’s just not for me but I’m sure a lot of people enjoyed it. But I don’t want to make the next few lines about these things, while they are important, something struck me in the heart as I read about what they are trying to accomplish. Zo here I go again… for the end.

They could have taken those precious acres of land and turned it into another ugly development that probably could have been accomplished that easily. Thank you so much for not doing it. What they have done and hope to achieve is create a place where families can come together…or young people with a great place to be. Chances are you have music every once in a while (I’m sure you’ve heard of Archertown and if you haven’t, give it a try) mini golf, skiing, great food, outdoor fire pit, doesn’t it all sound great and so refreshing? But here’s the thing that brought a tear or two or more to my eyes. They plan to take the elderly who live at The Springs in Whitefish to their miniature golf course for a “lively round of golf” every now and then…the fact that they think of the elderly at all has been the reason for a few Tears. Who does that?! Looks like the archers…that’s who!! And THAT was the motivation for writing this letter which hopefully will get some attention and be included in the pilot so you can read more about how awesome it is what they are trying to create and I believe they already have. You are on your way to making a difference in people’s lives and some may read this and think I’m being dramatic but ask a relative of someone in The Springs who will be able to see loved ones playing golf and getting out to watch and probably smile a lot!

So I know I’m going to go there and offer my support, eat some good food and ski some… and I can just pop in when the seniors are teeing off this summer just to stand by and watch them smile.

Thank you Jim, Denise, Kris and Kyle Archer. They have the big picture and bigger hearts.

Paula Jones, Whitefish