Rapper Chance, Ben and Jerry, and SocialWorks celebrate those who teach


Peppermint Chocolate Gift Opportunity at Navy Pier kicks off National Teacher Appreciation Week and offers a free Ben and Jerry show to teachers in the Chicagoland area

ChicagoAnd the May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A chance for rappers to direct their first celebratory scoop to honor a group of people who are as selfless as they play an essential role in helping all people thrive: teachers.

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The team announced a plan to give teachers free ice cream this week (May 2-6) at all three participating Ben & Jerry’s Scoop stores in the greater Chicagoland area including Navy Pier, GlenviewAnd the Naperville.


Where hundreds upon hundreds of Chance the Rapper enthusiasts lined up among the large group at Navy Pier, Chicago The son greeted the crowd who responded with tremendous energy. Chance the Rapper said, “There is no profession more important and responsible for everyone in our entire country than teachers. Today, we honor them.” “Today, and this week, we’re doing something really cool… giving Ben & Jerry’s freebies to educators at Chicago. “

Mint Chocolate Chance, Ben & Jerry’s hottest flavor of the year, is a wonderful mint base with chocolate fudge cake. It was inspired by childhood memories of Chance the Rapper when he added his mother’s homemade brownies to mint ice cream. Mint Chocolate Chance is available as an ice cream and as a non-sunflower-based dessert. Its flavor, and all the flavors of Ben & Jerry’s, will be ready to pick for educators during the National Teacher Appreciation Week handout.

Rapper Chance donates a percentage of his proceeds to his five-year-old non-profit, SocialWorks. SocialWorks aims to empower youth through arts, education, and civic engagement through programs focused on education, mental health, homelessness, and the literary arts. SocialWorks directly impacts thousands of young people each year while inspiring creativity, building dreams, and advocating youth success in all its forms.

To learn more about the partnership, visit benjerry.com.

About Ben and Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is an ambitious social justice company that believes in a mission greater than just making and selling the best ice cream in the world. The company produces a variety of premium quality ice cream and non-dairy/vegan desserts using high quality ingredients and lots of big chunks and swirls. As a Certified B Corporation, Ben & Jerry incorporates its vision of related prosperity into its business practices through value-based sourcing initiatives when purchasing components. Ben & Jerry’s is distributed in over 35 countries in licensed supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores and Scoops and via on-demand delivery services. Ben and Jerry’s, A Vermont A wholly owned subsidiary of Unilever, Inc., it conducts business in accordance with a three-part mission statement emphasizing product quality, fair financial return, and addressing issues of social, racial, and environmental injustice worldwide. The Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, under the guidance of Ben & Jerry’s staff, awarded 3 dollars.4 million in 2020 to support progressive grassroots justice-focused organizing across the country. For updated information, visit benjerry.com.

About SocialWorks

SocialWorks, founded by Grammy Award-winning musician and humanitarian Rapper ChanceIt aims to empower youth through arts, education, and civic engagement. Since 2016, SocialWorks has created 5 initiatives that offer young people the opportunity to learn and act on their passion. SocialWorks programs focus on education, mental health, homelessness, and the arts and literature – directly affecting thousands of young people each year. Through initiatives, OpenMike, Warmest Winter, Kids of the Kingdom, The New Chance: Arts & Literature Fund, and my state SocialWorks hopes to inspire creativity, build dreams, and advocate for youth success in all its forms.

For more information about SocialWorks, please visit https://www.socialworkschi.org/

Source: Ben & Jerry’s