Rangers fans have given catering a boost as the fast food restaurant offers a sneak peek into Ibrox

Black Rooster, the Rangers’ official partner at the restaurant, gave a sneak peek at a new Ibrox catering option set to open inside the stadium.

Glasgow-based Peri-peri Chicken appears set to open an in-ground outlet in an exciting move as the club continues to focus on improving catering options in Ibrox.

Catering at the club often leaves much to be desired and while there are still issues being reported, it is clearly something high on the club’s minds.

The improvement of restaurants in sporting venues can be seen all over the world, and the increased focus on that at Ibrox will lead to better options for supporters, but Rangers clearly haven’t gotten it right just yet.


The Black Rooster action comes as Rangers boost catering at Ibrox

The club even announced a new catering partnership with Levy UK ahead of the new season which they claim aims to provide “the best food and beverage experiences at Ibrox Stadium.” [Rangers].

While this partnership – with a leading provider of such services working with Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Aston Villa – is likely not linked to Black Rooster or this outlet, it does show an increased focus on catering at Ibrox.

Fans have been invited ahead of the new season to experience a range of Levy’s delights but as previously mentioned there are still issues that need to be resolved even if it is positive to see the club focus on this area.

Serving at Ibrox has been a bad joke for so long, and let’s hope the addition of a Black Rooster on Earth will satisfy fans with Levy’s scrutiny for serving as well.

The climax of the stealth comes as the Black Rooster prepares a street food cart at Ibrox Stadium as part of the fan zone for a confrontation with Kilmarnock.

Rangers chief marketing officer James Bisgrove previously announced the partnership and claimed in August of last year that Black Rooster would boost catering in Ibrox.

“Black Rooster is one of the UK’s fastest growing restaurants and, like Rangers, is expanding its international presence with restaurants opening in the Middle East later this year,” said Bisgrove. [Rangers].

“It is great to welcome such an ambitious Scotland-based brand as a partner and we look forward to bringing their impressive rosters to a fan show on Ibrox match day.”

Meanwhile, that’s why a South American club has issued an open invitation to Rangers supporters.

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