Proper diet, and active lifestyle help a Mandaue woman reach 100

Aging welcome. Felica Sanchez-Girolaga (right) poses for a photo with her younger sister, Restituta Sanchez, right after the former received a cash gift of 100,000 pesos from the Mandaue city government to turn 100 on July 12, 2022. On Tuesday, August 2, Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes visited Other city officials will house Girolaga to deliver the cash gift to her. / HONEY COTEJO

The right diet and staying active were just some of the ways Felica Zanoria Sanchez Girollaga shared to stay healthy even though she is at a young age.Girulaja, a resident of Barangay Centro, Mandaue City, is 100 years old on the 12th of July,

After she officially became a hundred years old, Mandaue Mayor Jonas Cortés and other city officials visited Jirolaga on Tuesday, August 2, to present her with a cash gift of 100,000 pesos.

Cortes was accompanied by City Council members Marie Emalynn Curtis Zafra, Jimmy Lomapas and Cynthia Cinco Remedio.


Jirolaga told SunStar Cebu that she was very happy to receive the cash assistance from the city, adding that it would be a great help for her to meet her daily needs. She also plans to share the money with her children.

Girollaga is the second among three siblings. She and her younger sister, Restitota “Dadang” Sanchez, who will also be 100 in two years, live together.

“We are very close and I can’t wait to celebrate her 100th birthday soon,” she added.

She said her older brother died at a young age of lung disease. Girolaga has four children and 10 grandchildren.

Healthy life

Girollaga said she keeps herself healthy even at an extreme age, staying active by exercising and eating right.

“I didn’t even realize I was actually a cent,” Girollaga added.

To stay healthy, Girollaga said she eats a lot of vegetables. She said she used to eat vegetables because she and her siblings grew up on a farm.

She added that she eats six times a day and never lets herself starve.

“I eat all kinds of food in moderation, but I eat vegetables the most,” Girollaga said.

When Girolaga was asked about advice for young people to achieve a life as long as hers, she said they need to listen to their parents and follow what they have to say, especially in regards to healthy eating.

Under Republic Act 10868, also known as the Centenarians Act of 2016, seniors who reach the age of 100 must be honored by giving them 100,000 P.