Pregnant Rihanna rocked this powder at the Super Bowl halftime show

If Rihanna’s performance piqued your interest in shopping, here are some great reviews from Sephora customers.

Rihanna Invisimatte Blushing Powder Reviews by Fenty Beauty

Buyer: “I really liked this powder. Clears my pores and I look flawless! A little goes a long way, so this will last you a long time! »

Another said: “A MUST !! This is one thing I always have with me, in my purse. ALWAYS. When I saw he had a new one out, I had to get it right away. I have oily skin and invisimatte saves me all day. The sacredness of this thing!’

Someone commented, “For someone who starts the day dry and ends up feeling oily throughout the day, this is a MUST have in my purse to fix it. This will be a staple in my purse for an ’emergency’ make-up stash or even a refresher.”

Buyer: “A savior for oily skin. I struggle with oily skin, so this product is my new holy grail. I have been using it daily since I received the product and it has helped with my oiliness so I feel more confident when taking pictures. I don’t have to scrub my face all the time and this product is so easy to use and compact, I just throw it in my purse and I can use it on the go.”

Another wrote: “Fenty Invisimatte Instant Setting + Blotting Powder was a lifesaver in the South Florida weather! I used it to control the shine and touch up as needed. I loved how compact it was and the sponge felt so much better than other products. I feel so much better about my makeup and look even less while using the product!

“I was very impressed with the setting powder. It makes my makeup last longer and my skin looks great, no shine and it gives me the full coverage I need,” the buyer wrote.

Sephora customer: “Life saver. My t-zone gets really oily when I’m at school and this product really takes care of it and makes me look plumper.’

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