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Prime Minister Narendra Modi (File Photo/ANI)

New Delhi [India], March 19 (ANI): In a dig at past governments at the centre, PM Modi said on Saturday that headlines before 2014 were mostly about crore scams uncovered across sectors and people who took to the streets in protest. “But the headlines today are about corrupt people who have taken to the streets to protest against working on corruption cases,” said Prime Minister Modi.

As the country celebrates ‘Amrit Kal’ (Golden Age) and is on its way to celebrating 100 years of independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday focused on the main points of his government in the first 75 days of this year while delivering the address. India meeting today conclave 2023.

Prime Minister Modi said, “It has been 75 days this year. I just want to talk about the past 75 days of this year. In these 75 days, a historic green budget was introduced and a new airport was opened in Shivamuga, Karnataka. Also, these days The 75th, work has commenced on the next phase of the Mumbai Metro Metro project.Also in the first 75 days of this year, the world’s longest river cruise was announced in the country and the Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway was dedicated to the nation.”

He added that a section of the Delhi-Mumbai expressway, facilitating faster and hassle-free commutes between the two cities, has been opened in these 75 days. “The Vande Bharat train, which connects Mumbai to Visakhapatnam, has been discontinued and the permanent campus of IIT Dharwad has also been opened in First 75 days of this year. Also, 21 Andaman and Nicobar islands are named after recipients of the Param Vir Chakra. All this happened in these 75 days,” added PM Modi.

He said the country also saw the launch of E-20 fuel after achieving a 20 percent ethanol blend in gasoline, while Asia’s most advanced helicopter manufacturing facility at Tomkuru in Karnataka was inaugurated in these 75 days.

Prime Minister Modi also touched on Air India placing bulk orders for aircraft with Boeing and Airbus, marking the world’s largest ever aircraft deal.

He added that over the past 75 days, 10 crore tele-consultations have been made through the e-Sanjeevani app, 8 crore new tap water connections have been made, 100% electricity for railway networks has been achieved and a new batch of 12 crore has arrived. leopard. At Kono National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India’s U-19 women’s team won the inaugural U-19 T20 World Cup, and the country basked in the glory of ‘RRR’ and ‘Elephant Whisperer’ at this year’s Oscars.

Prime Minister Modi also informed that in the past 75 days, India has hosted 28 important G-20 meetings, energy summits and the global millet conference, adding that more than a hundred countries also participated in the Aero India Summit in Bengaluru, which showcased the country’s prowess in the sky.

In another list of major achievements in the first 75 days of this year, Prime Minister Modi said a link was established through UPI with Singapore to facilitate smooth cash transactions between the two countries, while the center also mobilized rescue and relief operations for thousands of earthquake affected people. Persons in Turkey and Syria as part of “Operation Dost”.

Referring to the first-of-its-kind Indo-Bangladeshi gas pipeline that was inaugurated earlier on Saturday evening, Prime Minister Modi said, “All these developments testify that this is India’s moment.”

He said that while his government was focusing on building infrastructure such as roads, railways, ports and airports, the world was being drawn to Indian culture and its soft power. “Today, yoga is popular all over the world. There is a global enthusiasm and appeal for Ayurveda as well as traditional Indian food and drinks,” said Prime Minister Modi.

Citing the twin Oscar wins, he further noted that Indian films and music also have global appeal. He said that the Indian millet grain – shri anna – used to reach the farthest corners of the world.

He further stated that India’s ideas and ability to contribute to the ‘global good’ – be it the International Solar Alliance or the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure – have also been recognized by the world. “This is why today the world is saying this is India’s moment,” Prime Minister Modi said.

He also noted that many countries around the world are returning ancient Indian idols to their rightful place.

Prime Minister Modi said, “The advantage of India’s moment is promise coupled with performance.”

Stepping up his attack on the opposition, PM Modi said that the media, which had gained plenty of TRPs covering frauds in the past, now had an opportunity to cover the actions against the corrupt to boost their rating points.

He said earlier, there were regular headlines of bomb blasts in cities and Naxal attacks while today, there is no news but peace and prosperity.

He pointed out that earlier there was news of halting large infrastructure projects in the name of the environment, while today there is positive news related to the environment along with those related to the construction of highways and new highways.

He added that news reports about tragic train accidents have now greatly declined and new age trains, including the Vande Bharat express, are taking over the news space and making headlines.

He said that while Air India was previously in the news for frauds and debts, it was now in the headlines for striking the largest aircraft deal in India’s aviation history.

Prime Minister Modi added, “India Moment has brought about such positive change through promise and performance.” Favorite

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