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The Pitt Pantry has been moved to the O’Hara Student Center kitchen. Previously, Pantry operated from the lower level of the Bellefield Presbyterian Church opposite Litchfield Towers.

According to Student Affairs spokeswoman Janine Fisher, the decision to move the Pitt Pantry to the O’Hara Student Center in August 2022 was made “after some evaluation.”

“It was determined that the space and accessibility of the O’Hara Student Center best served our students,” said Fisher.


Fisher also said “early feedback is very positive” regarding Pantry’s move. “Considering that we are so new to the semester, the data cannot be compared yet. We will be evaluating the location and its operations throughout the year to ensure the success of our clients.”

The volunteer-run organization strives to ensure that everyone in the Pitt community has regular access to a healthy, balanced diet and necessary household items. The Pantry also raises awareness about food insecurity and how to help reduce its prevalence.

“About 200 people use Pantry over the course of a year,” Fisher said. “People can visit multiple times.”

Non-perishable food and fresh produce, including meat and dairy products, are available at Pitt Pantry.

However, due to the move, the need for essential Pantry items has increased rapidly. They are currently soliciting donations of whole foods, non-perishable foods, school supplies, hygiene items, cleaning products, and kitchen utensils. Donations should be left in a box located outside the pantry door or at the front desk.

To visit the pantry, people fill out an initial registration form. Both in-person purchases and prepackaged food boxes for pickup are available. In-person purchases are available by appointment, which must be made online 24 hours in advance.

Faculty and staff can also visit the Pitt Pantry. “All members of the Pitt community are welcome to visit the Pantry,” said Fisher. “Shoppers can bring food for themselves and any family members (children, spouses or partners they share food with), but unfortunately, not for roommates.”

Roommates are encouraged to contact Pitt Pantry separately.

The Pantry was created with charitable donations in 2015 and continues to operate with donations from local individuals and organizations. It also receives food from the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

The Pitt Pantry is open at the O’Hara Student Center, 4024 O’Hara St., from 10 am to 6 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Food can be ordered from the Pantry up to twice a month. For supplemental food resources between visits, contact [email protected] For more information, visit

Caroline Bielen is a student writer for the University Times.

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