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William Shakespeare he said, “What’s in a name?” Apparently, a lot if you’re ever fooled by a Hellmann’s Super Bowl ad. In the spot, developed by WPP’s Wunderman Thompson, Jon Hamm, i Brie Larson they are in what appears to be a giant refrigerator. “Do you have any idea why we’re in the fridge?” asked the first mad men/close Good wishes star “I’m Brie,” said the woman who is Captain Marvel, hoping to make Jon guess the obvious. “We’re having dinner!” she says, without any fear in her voice. come in Pete Davidson, the owner of the fridge. “It’s really everywhere,” John says before Pete says, rather ominously, “I’m going to eat you!”

No, Pete is not throwing one Armie Hammer after reading Tender is the meat or the New York Times article “Why Cannibalism Is Suddenly Trendy on Screen.” He’s actually making a ham and brie panini with the help of Hellmann’s. “You guys are so delicious,” Pete tells Jon and Brie at what appears to be a Super Bowl party. Someone better warn Kevin Bacon, Halle Berry, Fiona Apple, Shaun Beani Gelatin from Biafra (or any other celebrity with a food-related name.) Pete Davidson is coming!

Fans may want to gather around Pete’s cooler. “On Saturday, February 11, join Pete from his fridge for ‘Pete’s Fridge Finds’ – broadcast on Hellmann’s Instagram page, @hellmannsmayonnaise – for a chance to win ‘leftover’ items that belong to Pete. Who knows what you might find!” says the brand in a press release. If you’ve ever wanted to own something that belonged to the uncrowned king of Staten Island, be sure to spend the Saturday before Super Bowl LVII with Pete.

This is a face that will follow you in your dreams (Hellmann’s)

“There’s nothing more iconic than the jar of Hellmann’s in the fridge,” he said Benjamin Crook, VP-general manager of dressings and condiments in North America for Unilever, Hellmann’s parent company, in a press release (h/t AdAge). “The contextual relevance of Big Jars, Small People I think is also a very important and fun creative device. Then you put, obviously, the names of food that two of our celebrities have.

The challenge for the 2023 Super Bowl season was to top what Hellmann’s did last year with Davidson. Thanks to the Super Bowl champion Jered May – another name for food game! – people learned not to waste food by using Hellmann’s to transform leftovers into new meals. May was about to confront Mama Davidson when Pete stopped him. “Mom is already addressing food waste, Mayo,” he said. A dejected Mayo left the screen…only to return and tackle Pete on the floor. “I see,” the former admitted Saturday night live star “I am very successful.”

Dinner or Donner Party? (Hellmann’s

“I think we hit a wall there, because I’m not sure we’ll ever have another place for them that has that much branding,” he said. Susan Golkin, executive creative director of Wunderman Thompson, in a press release. “We didn’t have a conversation about whether there was enough branding, I think for the first time in my career.”

The commercial is part of Hellmann’s to reduce food waste. 40 percent of food in the U.S. is wasted, and 43 percent of that waste is at home, Cook said. “What we want to do every year is inspire more than 100 million consumers to think differently about food waste,” Crook said. The Fridge Night app, which Hellmann’s is promoting for the second year, offers flexible recipes that can help turn what’s in the fridge into dinner. But please don’t take a bite out of national treasure Brie Larson. (You can poke Jon Hamm if he consents.)

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