PETA wants to add ‘vegan’ to 1 street name in San Francisco and will pay for it

Advocates for the ethical treatment of animals have asked the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to rename Wool Street in San Francisco’s Barnal Heights neighborhood to Vegan Wool Street.

In an open letter to supervisor Hilary Ronen of the school district, which includes Bernal Heights, PETA asked the board to consider making the name change permanent or at least one month or week a year. I was.

The letter describes the human nature of sheep as “extremely intelligent, unique individuals who feel happiness, joy, pain, fear, loneliness, and value friends, family, and life as we do.” praised as
Sheep in the wool trade are “just machines that produce wool. I have made it clear that I am receiving

Sheep and lambs roaming a grassy pasture in California. PETA asked the San Francisco Oversight Board to change the name of Wool Street and offered to pay for it.

Jessica Christian / Chronicle


The letter, signed by PETA Chairman Ingrid Newkirk, states that PETA is committed to a small initiative to shift the textile industry to wool-like fabrics made using seaweed, soybeans, hemp, coconut fiber, and other organic materials. As a step, it is stated that they will pay for the sign change.
“With this simple name change, San Francisco can remind everyone that it’s easy to stay warm and put your heart into your sheep by choosing vegan wool and other animal-free materials. rice field.
As a final incentive to sponsor the name change, Newkirk gave Ronen ten free vegan wool coats to distribute as she saw fit.
Reached by phone Wednesday morning, Ronen confirmed he received the letter.