Perfect foods and drinks for you and your Valentine

Planning a Valentine’s Day can be as simple as serving up your favorite romantic meals along with a cocktail made just for them. Whether your loved one prefers their Valentine’s Day treats sweet, salty or spicy, there’s a food and drink combination to suit their style. With the help of Kahlua, we’ve concocted five romantic cocktails and put a spin on the most popular Valentine’s Day dishes. Together, they add up to an at-home date night experience guaranteed to disappoint (and please) your own perfect match.

Chocolate Strawberry and Kahlua Sherry

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Chocolate covered strawberries may not be revolutionary, but this combination is a romantic classic for a reason. This complex duo of bittersweet chocolate and ripe, floral strawberry is perfectly placed with a richly flavored digestif. Enter Kahlua Sherry, which combines a nutty coffee liqueur with fortified wine and a dash of lemon zest for a drink that’s smooth but not fizzy. Sherry’s caramel notes accentuate the sweetness of the chocolate and fruit, adding a new dimension to the V-Day classic.

The cheese board and Kahlua and soda of your dreams

pasture board

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Celebrate the holidays in style with a multi-layered charcuterie board, because what better way to show your love and affection than with cheese and meat? Hard cheeses, soft cheeses, and all the classic accompaniments like crackers and dried fruit are ideal for a romantic holiday spread. Pairing your board with a simple cocktail of Kahlua and club soda adds a surprising and slightly bubbly contrast to this delicious dish. The soda cuts the natural sweetness of the Kahlua, and the cocktail balances out the saltiness of this luxurious, romantic meal. Who wouldn’t want to toast that?

Heart-shaped cookies and an espresso martini

full frame shot of heart shaped cookies

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The espresso martini is making a comeback, and we’re here for it. This classic cocktail combines Kahlua, vodka, and freshly brewed espresso for a drink that’s equal parts strong, sweet, and smart; everything you could want for Valentine’s Day. Playing off the familiar after-dinner coffee ritual at the end of a meal, this pairing ups the ante. the sweetness of the sugar cookie is the perfect foil for the slightly bitter notes of the espresso, making it a pairing you’ll want to repeat often long after the holiday is over.

Fig and Honey and White Russian

fresh figs and honey on a rustic background

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The fruit doesn’t get much more sensual than figs, and we love the idea of ​​dipping these ripe, delicious beauties in honey as a decadent treat. Pair this duo with a creamy blend of white Russian, Kahlua, vodka and cream for a flavor contrast made in heaven.

Chocolate Lava Cake and Black Russian

chocolate cakes with melted filling

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For a luxurious affair, pull out all the stops and dive headfirst into the chocolate lava cake. Dark chocolate erupts from the center of this iconic dessert, which is as delicious as it is romantic. And while a Black Russian might not initially think of as the ideal pairing for this bite of chocolate heaven, this classic cocktail, which features vodka with a dash of Kahlua, offers just a hint of sweetness so it won’t be overpowering. those decadent desserts. You might just find that cake tastes even more like chocolate with a cool Black Russian in hand.