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MONCLAIR, NJ, January 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — After gaining a cult following during its two-year run as a special, invite-only pop-up, pastaRAMEN is opening its first real-life restaurant in the United States. Montclair, N.J., at the beginning of February. The first Italian ramen shop perfectly combines Japanese and Italian cuisines in a style called “Wafu-Italian” that blends ingredients, textures and techniques from both worlds. Co-founder and chief partner, Robbie Felice develops deep, umami-rich flavors to entice guests and create a modern culinary adventure for the new age of fine dining.

“The response we got from our Seattle pop-ups, City of Jersey, Miami and Los Angeles were overwhelmingly positive, so when it became clear that there was an appetite for pasta (RAMEN) and this new type of cuisine, we knew we wanted to give the restaurant a permanent home in Istanbul. Montclair, New Jersey“As a chef, being creative and giving people a dining experience they’ve never tasted before is incredibly rewarding. Imagine walking into an Italian ramen shop. This pasta is RAMEN.”

At the forefront of the burgeoning Wafu-Italian movement, which translates directly to “Japanese and Italianate,” Felice’s expertise is showcased through an à la carte menu of decadent dishes such as: cheese and pepper gyoza, hand-folded, deep-fried dumpling stuffed with imported Parmesan Reggiano and freshly ground black pepper; mochi ramen carbonara tsukemenThe signature pasta, RAMEN, which is delicately balanced with lemon, sesame, togarashi, parmesan and egg yolk, stands out; tonkotsu ramen with porchetta and crowd favorite udon alla amatriciana Combining guanciale, tomato, miso, black pepper, paprika, scallions and pecorino romano. For drink pairings, pastaRAMEN offers an extensive list of boutique cocktails. For those who want to drink, the restaurant is BYOB with no connection fees, giving it a “dinner party” feel and inviting guests to bring their favorite drinks, gather around the table, and celebrate any occasion.

pastaRAMEN is part of the Montclair Hospitality Group, a chef-driven, global hospitality company focused on improving unique restaurant brands and experiences. The elevated dining concept is a partnership between: James Beard Rising Star Chef semifinalist Robbie Felice, chief owner of the critically acclaimed Viaggio Ristorante and Osteria Crescendo, and Luck Sarabhayavanija, Founder of MHG recently announcing new additions, bringing new ones CEO Joey Simons, previously sbe and Blue Ribbon Restaurants. Sarabhayavanija and Simons put together a team that includes who’s who from the culinary world. Chef Robbie and Luck are two old friends who came up with the idea for pastaRAMEN in 2020 as a way to support restaurant staff and preserve the opportunity to dine in a friendly atmosphere during the pandemic. The concept combines a love of Japanese and Italian food to define a new culinary category. Felice, who has worked in multiple Michelin-starred kitchens around the world, manages the kitchen, while MHG manages the operations.

Commenting on pastaRAMEN’s new restaurant operating in real space, Founding Chance of MHG
Sarabhayavanija We are excited to expand the pastaRAMEN dining experience and give the popular concept a new permanent home. Montclair, New Jersey. With continued success, we have strategic plans to open new Wafu concepts by collaborating with some of the best talent in the industry. We’re really excited to develop concepts that highlight the unique flavors of our Wafu cuisine, and we can’t wait to share our vision with pastaRAMEN lovers!”

In addition to this feeling, CEO of MHG Joey Simons He said, “Our team at MHG has plans for explosive growth and rapid expansion through 2023. PastaRAMEN as an incubator for chef-driven concepts Montclair This is the first of many new openings and chief partnerships that MHG is planning this year. As we continue to partner with the world’s leading chefs, we will be announcing exciting new MHG restaurant concepts in the coming months, along with additional pastaRAMEN restaurants and pop-ups.”

Located about 30 minutes outside Manhattan In the city center MontclairPastaRAMEN, the city’s art, culture and entertainment center, can host up to 65 guests in an area of ​​1800 square meters. Designed by local design firm Gidich + Sepulveda Architecture The restaurant’s sharp-edged interior lends a modern flair to the otherwise historic building. Passing through the wood-panelled entrance, guests are greeted by a wall filled with vibrant, pop-art graffiti made by a local artist. Victoria Poplaski, Playful nods to the team’s other restaurant concepts are woven throughout their images. A second eye-catching mural, John David Haynaut, pays homage to the streets Tokyocreates an environment for diners to fully immerse themselves in their meals. Black leather cabinets, natural wood textures, dim ambiance and open kitchen create dimension by staying true to the chatty style roots of PastaRAMEN.


Montclair Hospitality Group (MHG), Founded by Chance Sarabhavanija In 2014, it is a chef-driven, global hospitality company focused on improving the world’s leading dining concepts, restaurant brands and critically acclaimed culinary experiences. MHG currently boasts popular restaurant brands, including: Ani Ramen House, mochinut, pasta ramen (by James Beard nominated Chef Robbie Felice) and Yang Kai. recently appointed Joey Simons With Simons as CEO and as Simons building a newly expanded leadership team, MHG has formed a group that includes a who’s who from the culinary world. New restaurant concepts in the works include collaborations with some of the world’s most celebrated chefs, including a new global dining concept with celebrity chefs. iron master Masaharu Morimoto and MM Management LLC.

Working to disrupt the food and beverage industry, the MHG team creates high-contact brand experiences based on service and design to take guests on a unique culinary journey and places both familiar and extraordinary. MHG is currently operating new York, New Jersey, California, Miami and expansion plans with new concepts Boston, Massachusetts, Vegas, Nevada and Bellevue, Washington. For more information, visit:

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