Pasta for dinner arrives at Il Porcellino on Tennyson Street

“I love making homemade pasta at home with my wife and kids,” says Bill Miner, owner of Il Porcellino Salumi, an artisan deli business that has a deli and retail store at 4324 West 41st Avenue. , just off Tennyson Street. Now Miner and his team are getting ready to share that passion for pasta at Il Porcellino. “The idea has been around for a while,” Miner notes, adding that while the concept was put on hold when the pandemic hit, “things are moving pretty quickly now.” New equipment will be installed next month as part of preparations to launch the catering service at the delicatessen for the first time in seven years of operation.

Miner is planning Il Porcellino Pasta pop-ups for late February and hopes to officially launch in early March. Once that happens, the deli will continue to serve breakfast and lunch sandwiches during the day, then switch to dinner after 4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

Guanciale will be used in carbonara when Il Porcellino launches its new pasta concept.

Il Porcellino Pasta/Instagram

“I think Tennyson’s neighborhood will be really supportive of it,” Miner said. “I’ve had a really good core team for the past two years; they’re excited to try something new. And I’m also going to be able to hire a few new employees. It’s humbling to be able to offer jobs to them. people, and that means we are growing.

Il Porcellino expanded in other ways, rapidly expanding its wholesale business. But the new pasta concept will give Miner a chance to flex more culinary muscles. Deli-making, like cooking, is very precise and takes time before the product can be enjoyed – “It’s like watching paint dry”, Miner jokes – and he says he’s “excited to use whole pigs in a different way”.

The menu will include a number of starters, including homemade focaccia and vegetable dishes. A definite offer will be a meatball with polenta. “We cut up pigs every week and also process beef, so it’s probably going to be a pork and beef meatball,” says Miner.

Il Porcellino’s guanciale – cured pork jowls made from Berkshire pigs – will be used in a carbonara dish with crispy pork belly, pecorino broth, English peas and butter. Miner is also enthusiastic about the tortellini, which will be filled with bologna.


The new Il Porcellino Pasta logo.

Il Porcellino Pasta/Instagram

While many dishes use meat products, both cured and fresh, there will also be vegetarian selections, such as a seasonally rotating vegetable lasagna and ravioli.

Also on offer will be hoagies, extra-large versions of some of the sandwiches the deli currently serves. There will also be a duo of entrees for two to share: an all-natural roast chicken and a classic porchetta, both served with vegetable and pecorino polenta. A range of desserts will complement the new offerings; expect classics like cannoli and cheesecake.

It’s just the latest entry on an ever-changing Tennyson Street, where recent additions like Bakery Four’s latest project and Id Est Hospitality, Hey Kiddo and Ok Yeah, continue to up the culinary game in the Berkeley neighborhood. .