Out 2 Eat. new places to eat coffee, cocktails and ice cream in Buffalo

From ice cream to cocktails and even coffee, Daybreak’s Lauren Hall shows us three new spots that opened this summer in Buffalo.

BUFFALO, New York. It’s been a busy summer on the Buffalo restaurant scene. Here are three new spots to check out the next time you’re in town and looking for a cup of coffee, a cocktail, or an ice cream cone.

Postscript cafe

Elmwood’s newest coffee shop is located behind Bureau menswear store. Post Office or PS has recently opened in a converted garage at the rear of the property. It shares an outdoor patio with the High Violet cocktail bar, which opened in the spring.


“Postscript, postscript, second part of first round,” said co-owner Robert Clerici. “We wanted to add something to Elmwood Village for the backyard and something to grab and go, so we came up with the Postscript concept.”

The menu includes sweet and savory crepes, breakfast sandwiches, avocado toast, and hot and iced coffee. Also on display are branded prepaid cards that customers can write on and send wherever they want.

To find Postscript, just look for the black Bureau building at 712 Elmwood and go down the alley.

“Again, playing the concept of High Violet, it’s all about being kind of aware,” Clerici said.

Mint cocktails and cuisine

It was during the pandemic that Alison Clancy and Chris Mendes decided Buffalo needed its own mojito spot.

“We have a lot of tacos and tequilas that we love, but I think Buffalo needed something a little different,” Clancy said. “I think this was it.”

They found their dream space on Niagara Street near Breckenridge with a large outdoor patio. They opened in June.

“We specialize in mojitos and empanadas, but we have a full bar,” Clancy said of Something for Everyone.

If you come, be sure to try the best-selling southern belle tequila cocktail and chipotle cheese fries.

“I think we scratched that itch, we’re doing something fun,” Mendez said. “It’s lively here, very welcoming for everyone. It’s just non-stop mojitos here.”

Rooted lounge

When Rooted Lounge opened at 69 Allen St. in July, co-owners Giselle and Chris Hinson wanted it to be a place for people to rent for showers and special events. They decided to showcase this feature of the space by getting married there themselves on July 16, or “716 days.”

“We got married in space,” Gisele Hinson said. “We hope to hold more intimate events. We can fit about 25-30 people in the space and it was just our family, our kids and our parents, and it was an intimate occasion. It was beautiful.”

In addition to serving Perry’s Ice Cream, Rooted also makes your own tea, pot plants, and CBD products for sale.

“We realize there’s a lot going on in the world today, and we wanted to create a space that felt good,” Hinson said. “It makes people feel like they’re in a better place.”

Come September 8th, the lounge will host a Blitz and Brew night for people to watch the Buffalo Bills season opener in a relaxed setting.

“Our play on the word brewed is that we serve tea concoctions,” Hinson explained. “It’s $10 and you get a pastry and tea and play games and ice cream and enjoy yourself.”