Osprey team takes on Ramen Rumble 5, which sets fundraising record – Orlando Sentinel

The team at The Osprey took off with the coveted Broth Belt Monday night after Ramen Rumble 5’s all-Orlando roster wrapped up their competitive, benefit dinner for Central Florida nonprofit Give Kids the World.

Led by Executive Chef Michael Cooper, the Osprey crew stayed true to their Baldwin Park vibe, creating seafood-filled jjampong, a traditional and spicy Korean bowl.

“I like Korean food,” said Cooper, a longtime taekwondo student who lived in Korea on and off for a few years early on. “I enjoy the flavors and this dish is very suitable for us.”

Traditionally made with anchovy stock, Cooper’s has upped its fish and Florida factor with the addition of local blue crab. Each bowl contained octopus, Cape Canaveral shrimp, Cedar Key scallops, clams and bay scallops. Local supplier Tartufo Prestige supplied the wild mushrooms.

“We’ve been roasting a bunch of them to make a chopped mushroom relish with fish sauce,” Cooper said. “We made some of them pickled, too, along with the pickled turnips from Sugar Top Farms. It was really nice to showcase so many ingredients from Florida.”

Cooper says the team pulled in about 30 percent of the vote, with Camille’s Vietnamese Braised Short Rib Ramen trailing closely behind, and Hawkers Asian Street Food’s Duck Duck Goose Ramen (best name of the night!) at No. 3 The two runners-up were literally within votes of each other.


Soseki’s Southern Comfort ramen featured the one-two punch of protein from oxtail and pork belly, while Doshi’s Poularde ramen paired a comforting roasted chicken broth with fragrant black truffle.

The mission for the guests is extremely subjective, but there is never a dry bowl left in the house.

Jason Chin of Good Salt Restaurant Group, who organized the event together with Morimoto Asia, was not only proud that a Good Salt location took home the belt, but also broke the record for Give Kids the World: more than $11,000.

“It was a great year, we made Ramen Rumble history and really blew away last year’s number. We couldn’t be happier.”

Cooper, whose competitive spirit emerged amid the fray, feels similarly.

“It was amazing to win, of course, but in the end it was so much fun to get out of the restaurant and the everyday life with the team to do something we don’t normally do, interact with other chefs and the team at Morimoto, just hang out and cooking – which we all really like to do,” he said.

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