Order exotic food to try the restaurant at home

Staying this weekend? Recreate a restaurant-style dinner at home with fast food dips and handcrafted donuts

Staying this weekend? Recreate a restaurant-style dinner at home with fast food dips and handcrafted donuts

Classic hummus meets spicy hummus, thanks to Anoli Mavani, who makes 10 flavors of the popular spread. Try it with her bread, pita chips and whole wheat crackers.

Annoli, the founder of The Hummus Family, explains how she fell for her when she was in Dubai, saying, “I tried many different flavors in hummus, and based on the comments, I cut them down to the top 10.”

The hummus family now has Greek Melon (spinach and feta), Basilica (pesto) and Zesty Cilantro on the menu. Wheat crackers are also available in a variety of flavors including thyme, rosemary, thyme and pepper.


Anoli is currently working on her latest project, The House of Kizo, focusing on sweets, cakes and biscuits using whole wheat and jaggery.

@The Hommus Family, Vepery, pre-order only. Delivers across town. For details, call: 9791088988

Kiran Thomas’ Raisin-chilli dip, an aromatic blend of hulled Kashmiri peppers, raisins, olive oil, and jaggery, is a quick and easy way to prep dinner. “You will only get the full effect of the flavor when the chili is crushed in
amycal (Stone grinder),” she says.

Apart from this, her bestseller is
He said a traditional Kerala-style sauce made with baby onions or shallots, tamarind and chili (
Kandari ) and crystal salt. They are available upon prior request. “In our house, we add water to sea salt crystals and use it to cook
He said . The smoky flavor is caused by roasting shallots and peppers over a wood fire and then stone-ground. Then mix in a little coconut oil and it is ready to serve. Kieran says. It pre-orders set meals with a customizable menu for up to 10 people, serving Kerala-style fish pickles, fish pickles and chicken soup.
@Kiran Goodies, ECR, delivers across town, to order, call: 7823909095

After obtaining a diploma at the Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts, Bengaluru, Harshini worked at the Marriott Courtyard, Kuwait as a pastry chef in 2019. “But I lost my job there and had to go back to Chennai during the pandemic. A few months later, in December 2020, I launched Just Gateaux,” says Harshini.

Just Gateaux offers a DIY donut box. “The box comes with six donuts (50 grams each), and a variety of toppings and sprinkles for garnishes, so flavors can be customized,” Harshini says. Although it’s primarily aimed at kids, there’s nothing to stop you from diving into cinnamon sugar, chocolate, and vanilla custard, too.

@ Just Gateaux, OMR, city delivery, to order call: 6383151724