Oceano ‘pushes the limits’ of gastronomic entertainment | Food

Minutes after ordering a cocktail on a Wednesday night at Oceano, it is delivered to the table. It’s the first thing the waiters will recommend, and it’ll leave you loving the elegant Japanese-influenced restaurant.

The year-old establishment has taken its cocktail lifestyle up a notch to create a multi-sensory dining experience by blending the culinary arts. In February, Oceano, located at Market Place, 67 Constant Spring Road, set out to create a different setting, as well as a new drinks menu, by presenting its ‘Weekend Cocktail’ series on a Saturday. Within four months, he introduced entertainment and theatrical performances into the dining hall.

Taking place every weekend, guests can enjoy live teppanyaki cuisine, provided by skilled chefs, as well as international fire dancers, belly dancers and other theatrical acts putting on a show throughout the restaurant.

“We are pushing the boundaries with Oceano. Through dedicated research, we are inspired by what works in the world, but we are keen to do so in a way that maintains quality of service and thereby encourages loyalty from our customers,” said Chad Williams, Director of Gastronomic Concepts, the operators of Oceano, in a recent interview with Food.


The operators reportedly launched its lunch menu about six weeks ago, introducing its soups, stir-fry and poke bowls and its sushito, which is a combination of Japanese and Mexican flavors, such as seaweed and guacamole combined with steak , fried tuna and crispy. chicken.

Williams said, “It’s not that Jamaican food culture is moving in a different or newer direction. We aggressively try to expand the culture and food offerings in Jamaica, and the Caribbean in general, to accommodate different interests and experiences.


Throughout the week, customers can step out as early as noon for lunch and savor the beautiful aesthetic while waiting for their meal. From the stunning indoor waterfall to other architectural elements adding to the elegant décor, including mood lighting and intimate seating for couples and large groups who may come to dine, Oceano works diligently to be the face of fine dining entertainment in Jamaica. In addition to cocktails and the new lunch menu, there are innovative options for dinner and teppanyaki, with standout appetizers like crispy rice dynamite; fire-roasted corn on the cob in a cilantro mayonnaise; signature rolls like the republic roll, which is a combination of shrimp tempura, ripe banana, and smoked salmon; the peppa shrimp roll; and the guac roll.

“We will roll out the other offers in the next two months. We offer Japanese yamucha dim sum to our customers on Sundays. Monday will be ‘Dinner and Party’ and golden hour, which is our special happy hour,” Williams explained.

“Oceano continues to take calculated risks as we seek to innovate and change the face of food and hospitality in Jamaica. Whether you want an exciting dining experience with live entertainment or prefer a quiet but relaxing with your loved ones, Oceano has something for your tastes every day of the week,” he continued.

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