North Carolina woman prints resume on cake and hands it to Nike

Karly Pavlinac Blackburn has a resume that takes the cake.

The 27-year-old recently went viral for a LinkedIn post about her recent job application experience and the teamwork that went into it.

As Blackburn explained, with his mind set on a job at Nike, he decided to make a bold decision. A friend suggested that instead of submitting a job application the traditional way, she print her resume on a cake and send it to Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. After doing some research, she decided to send the cake on the day that she knew there would be a party at the headquarters.

“I knew navigating the huge Nike campus was a feat, but combining a giant party with tons of people also adds another layer of complexity to this installment,” Blackburn explained in his LinkedIn post, which has amassed thousands of comments.

TODAY Food reached out to Nike for additional comment but did not immediately hear back.

Blackburn, who lives in North Carolina, placed an order at Albertsons grocery store via Instacart. Fortunately, Denise Baldwin, a like-minded Instacart delivery girl, was the icing on the cake her master plan needed.

“I spoke to Denise on the phone and she said, ‘Karly, I know this is important to you and I will do whatever it takes to get this cake to where it belongs,’” Blackburn wrote.

Speaking with TODAY, Blackburn explained how (despite being asked to leave the cake at the front desk) Baldwin resolved to put the cake in the right hands. The single mother of three (and another due in March) made her way across the 300-acre property of Nike headquarters with cake in one hand and her 8-month-old son in the other.

He only had the name of the person Blackburn needed the delivery to arrive at, but neither knew the exact location of the person. According to Complex, the campus has more than 75 buildings. With the help of security, Baldwin finally zeroed in on the correct destination and made it to the last delivery.

Baldwin told TODAY that making sure the delivery was executed with care and attention was essential. After all, she knows what it’s like to be a woman with career ambitions. She takes pride in her work, but she has decided to start a new career.

In addition, he takes seriously all the tasks he receives.

“This is how I do my Instacart. Like every order I take, I take it as if I were putting groceries in my house or taking things to my place or to a relative who needs help, ”she explained. “I take every order into consideration and make sure I do the best I can with every order. So I have almost five stars as a Gold member, so I take pride in that, knowing that my clients are happy.”

After some walking and searching, Baldwin arrived at the party and found the employer Blackburn had hoped to connect with.

“I waited and they called him. He took a few minutes and then he came downstairs,” Baldwin explained, adding that she asked him if he would take a picture with the cake to confirm. “He said to me, ‘Oh, a cake, it’s too good for me to cut it.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, it’s, it’s pretty amazing the way he thought of putting her resume up. It’s pretty much what Nike needs: thinking outside the box and initiative…”

Mission complete, Baldwin returned to his car. Still, he has been in contact with Blackburn and called North Carolina his “angel on earth.” Appreciated and impressed by Baldwin’s determination, Blackburn suggested that she and Baldwin set out to find new jobs together.

In the weeks since their first pie call, Blackburn and Baldwin have developed a mentorship. With Blackburn’s guidance, Baldwin created LinkedIn, and thanks to the popularity of the pie story, it’s already drawing some interest.


Baldwin currently has his eyes on a potential hospitality or management position at Nike.

“I have done several jobs. I love working with people and helping people. So anything to do with resources or, you know, hospitality staff. I like the assistant job. I have made sales and box. I’ve done a lot of different jobs,” she explained. “Whether in the office or outside of it. I am happy to learn new things and learn new techniques of things. I learn very fast.”

As for Blackburn, she is moving forward and is connected to Nike’s employer.

“I have some meetings next week, that’s exciting,” he explained. “Now that this has happened, there are a lot of companies that are involved in the process. So I’m just trying to figure out where I fit in, what’s the right culture, and a company that has a good mission and is doing something great not only within their product, but for other people as well.”