Nobu Las Vegas expands an already impressive dining empire

The Nobu brand has enjoyed great success internationally over decades. Nobu Matsuhisa’s empire expanded to the Las Vegas Strip in 2013 with the opening of the Nobu Hotel and restaurant, and it continues to grow. The latest addition is Nobu Las Vegas in Paris, a restaurant that blends perfectly with the surroundings and provides an unforgettable experience.

The atmosphere at Nobu Las Vegas is very much stimulation: visual stimulation, courtesy of all the people watching that can be enjoyed from the “outdoor” terrace fronting the cobbled walkway on Le Boulevard, not to mention the ornate decor and lighting of the space itself (there’s also a cozy “indoor” space complete with dining room and sushi bar); and taste stimulation thanks to some of the best Japanese cuisine you’re likely to find in Southern Nevada.

But first a toast! There are cocktails here for every taste on this menu. For those who like aroma and spice, try the Matsuhisa Martini, made with Belevedere vodka, Hokusetsu Junmai sake, ginger and Japanese cucumber. For pie fans, MIA delivers the Margarita with Corralejo añejo tequila, passion fruit, lime, honey and shichimi. And if it’s boldness you want, definitely try the Kunsei Old-Fashioned, with Shibui single malt Japanese whiskey, Angostura and orange bitters and monk fruit syrup, all smoked with cherry wood.

Now you’re in for a real treat – if you can decide, that is. Nobu Las Vegas’ menu is simply bursting with both hot and cold dishes, all presented in the most visually appealing way possible. You want to start with cold dishes such as salmon, toro or yellowtail tartar with caviar, tuna tataki with tosazu, lobster shitake salad and crispy rice with spicy tuna. Nigiri and sashimi options include yellowtail with jalapeño, freshwater eel, albacore, scallop and sea urchin.

Hot dishes are equally enticing and tantalizing, from seafood (black cod butter salad, lobster wasabi pepper, and squid “pasta” with light garlic sauce) to meat (free-range chicken with Nobu sauce, beef tenderloin tobanyaki, and lamb with Nobu sauce). Any of these selections pair perfectly with a wide variety of vegetarian offerings, from warm mushroom salad and eggplant with miso to field greens with Matsuhisa dressing.

Speaking of vegetarian, if there are any in your group, no worries! Nobu offers versions of many dishes without fish or meat. The vegan version of yellowtail, for example, has tofu skin, which pairs beautifully with the sauce.

There’s other fun to be had elsewhere on the menu, from Nobu tacos – with your choice of vegetables, lobster or wagyu – to tempura (the lobster in particular is a meal in itself!). If you want Japanese A5 wagyu, have it your way: Tobanyaki, grilled or flambé. Bottom line: You really can’t go wrong.

Desserts here are just sublime. For a truly next-level experience, try the Japanese Whiskey Cappucino, a coffee creme brûlée layered with crunchy coffee cocoa grounds, milk ice cream and Japanese whiskey foam. The Bento Box features a flourless chocolate cake and ceremonial green tea matcha ice cream. Great endings to a great meal!

Paris, 702.946.4007

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