News about Kraft Heinz NotCo Mayo, Cheesy Ravioli, and other vegan dishes of the week

Every week the news in vegan food is better than the last, and this week seems to be no exception. Vegetarian ravioli and manicotti join the list of frozen family meals at Sunday Night – a brand favored by Billie Eilish and Danielle Monae. A vegan St. Patrick’s Day shake celebrates all things green in the new and improved menu at Next Level Burger. New egg-free mayo is coming to Kraft Heinz Not Company stores. Read on for more information.

1Vegan mayo from a non-Kraft Heinz company

This month, the new spice will hit select store shelves thanks to The Kraft Heinz Not Company, a joint venture between Chile’s The Not Company (NotCo) and food giant Kraft Heinz.

Not the Kraft Heinz Company

The duo is now launching NotMayo, a vegan mayonnaise created by NotCo using an artificial intelligence platform. After its initial launch this month, NotMayo will roll out nationally before hitting shelves in Canada.

“When deciding which products to bring to market first, we analyzed different categories, flavor and ingredient profiles, as well as consumer demand for a great tasting product – plant-based mayo came out on top,” said a spokesperson for the joint venture. VegNews reports.

“We were able to create a great tasting product in record time and meet customer demand and that was important to us,” the spokesperson said.

The new NotMayo is the joint venture’s second product following the recent launch of NotCheese, a vegan version of Kraft Singles with American, provolone and cheddar flavors.

The Kraft Heinz Not Company joint venture will launch in four categories this year before expanding to seven categories and more international markets in 2024.

2Three New Plant-Based Sunday Dinner Meals

Sunday Supper, a favorite of celebrities such as Billie Eilish and Daniella Monet, is expanding the success of its frozen lasagna with three new dishes, available in family-sized portions to make mealtimes easier.


Sunday dinner

Sunday Night’s new three-cheese ravioli features almond-based ricotta, grape-ripened tomato sauce and plant-based parmesan, while its wild mushroom ravioli is filled with a hand-picked blend of shiitake, nameko, oyster, porcini and portabello mushrooms in olives. reducing butter and sherry wines.

VegNews.VeganManicotti.SundaySupperSunday dinner

Finally, the Spinach and Ricotta Manicotti is filled with ricotta and spinach on an almond base and topped with a b├ęchamel and tomato sauce mixture.

“Our line of delicious products is an easy family meal and a great way to celebrate a special occasion in a lighter way without compromising on quality,” said Richard Klein, founder and head of product, Sunday Supper. .

“We focus on a multi-serve format because our meals represent time spent together,” Klein said. “We also deliver the freshness and locked-in goodness that restaurant-quality frozen meals like ours offer to the consumer.”

The new Sunday Supper dishes are available through the company’s website and the GTFO Its Vegan virtual grocery store. Her lasagna can also be found at The Fresh Market, Plum Market and Erewhon.

3Milk free leprechaun shakes at NLB

Today the it’s a day to go green and if you’re looking for something special, organic vegan fast food chain Next Level Burger (NLB) has just that. For the month of March, NLB is offering hand-spun soy or coconut-based milkshakes, mints, homemade gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, and vegan marshmallows with edible green and gold glitter. for extra sparkle.

VegNews.LeprechaunShake.NextLevelBurgerA next level burger

If you’re looking to enjoy a green smoothie, NLB offers a new menu that includes the Chipotle Burger (topped with veggie Chipotle Black Bean Burger; delicious Southwestern Salad (topped with tempeh bacon); and The Animal (an absolute beast of a burger with Beyond Burger patties).

In addition to the new menu items, NLB is tweaking some of its classics to give customers even more enjoyment. Its new chicken sandwiches feature a larger patty, and its burgers (Out Burger and House Patties) have been increased from three ounces to four ounces each.

“Our mission is to fight climate change, and we choose to do that through plant-based food that’s tasty, delicious and good for you and the planet,” said CEO and founder Matt de Gruyter. statement.

“With customers fighting cuts around every corner, we decided to go in the opposite direction and give our guests even bigger burgers to make their dollars go further at NLB,” he said.

4Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream Goes National

West Hollywood restaurant Craig’s has been delighting Angelenos with vegan ice cream since 2016, before putting the treat in pints in 2018. Cashew-based ice cream is now coming to Publix supermarkets, where more people can enjoy the celebrity favorite. A treat favored by Hailey Bieber, Emma Chamberlain and TikTok personality Tinx.

“When we first started serving decadent 100 percent plant-based ice cream at our LA restaurant, we knew we had an instant hit from day one,” founder Craig Sasser said in a statement.

“Ice cream is one of those desserts that knows no boundaries – whether you’re five or 95 – everyone loves this classic and we believe everyone and every palette deserves a delicious, creamy and nostalgic taste, regardless of dietary restrictions,” he said. . “We are excited to partner with Publix and share our delicious desserts with shoppers across the Southeast.”

VegNews.VeganIceCream.CraigsVeganCraig’s Vegetarian

Public at Craig’s Vegan will be available in Melrose Mint Chip, Cold Brew Coffee with Chamberlain Coffee, Killa’ Vanilla, Perfectly Chocolate and Sunset & Strawberry. If you’re anywhere near Las Vegas, Craig’s has a vegan grocery store.

5Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day

Speaking of stores, Ben & Jerry’s is bringing back Free Cone Day after a four-year hiatus. On April 3, Ben & Jerry’s stores in 35 countries will celebrate the holiday by giving away free donuts – a tradition started by founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield in 1979 to celebrate their first year in business.

Ice cream lovers looking for a dairy-free treat can also celebrate, as participating stores will be offering vegan ice cream (in a variety of flavors) on April 3 as well.

VegNews.BenandJerrys.AvaDuVernay-2Ben and Jerry

What types of non-dairy flavors can be offered? Ben & Jerry’s has grown its vegan ice cream selection exponentially since launching its first almond milk-based line in 2016, including Non-Dairy Phish Food (a vegan version of the classic); Bananas Foster (caramelized core); and lights! Caramel! Directed by Ava DuVernay (a historical treat with an award-winning director).

The best part about Free Cone Day? You can queue for free money as many times as you want.

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