New vegan meat commercial may be the best ever

Quorn has just launched a slick multi-channel campaign in the UK that flips the notion of what an ‘alternative protein’ is. Created to promote a new series of vegan deli meat slices, the campaign includes his television commercial titled “So Tasty!” Why Choose Alternatives? A woman named Lisa appears eating a sandwich stuffed with Quorn’s new slices.


As Lisa takes a bite, the narrator appears and says, “It’s so good, why would you choose another way?” As the camera zooms out, it is revealed that the narrator is a pig puppet. This doll sends the message that you don’t have to kill a pig to eat good ham, given the circumstances.

“This new campaign was created to connect with flexitarians who want to reduce their meat intake but not lose the taste and texture of the meat deli they know and love,” said Quorn Foods UK. Marketing Director Gill Riley said in a statement.


Quorn’s new range includes roast beef and roast chicken style slices, plus two pork alternatives (Yorkshire ham and sliced ​​ham). His two deli meats in the latter will also feature corresponding puppet characters in the new campaign.


“We want to make people laugh while telling them how delicious our new products are. As we know, switching consumers from regular deli slices of meat to our products is another step in helping the planet.” “We consistently invest in research and technology to ensure that our products have the closest texture to meat and, most importantly, offer a juicy taste. We want consumers to feel that they have not compromised on their favorites.”

Vegan meat flips the script

Quorn’s new commercial is a clever adaptation of a typical meat industry ad, asking anthropomorphic animals to emotionally connect with humans. One example is Chick-Fil-A’s popular “Eat More Chicken” campaign. The campaign features cows begging humans to eat more chicken to save themselves and other species of their kind who were slaughtered for beef. This may seem funny, but only if it doesn’t connect the dots between animal suffering and products made from animals.

Another example is KFC 2017, where close-up shots show real chickens dancing to the late rapper DMX’s hit “X Gon’ Give It to Ya.” KFC created this commercial to convey the message that they are serving real chicken to consumers. But this time, the advertising scheme backfired, with viewers associating items on his KFC’s menu with real, live chickens. Some took to social media to announce that the commercial made them rethink their consumption of chicken.



Quorn’s message turned this script upside down, asking viewers why they chose animal meat when presented with a superior vegan meat option, thus breaking the cognitive dissonance necessary to eat animal meat. I am inclined.


Psychological research in this area points to the fact that humans do not develop an understanding that animals are food until later in life.His one such study, conducted by researchers at the University of Exeter in the UK, was published in April Social Psychology and Personality Science.

Here, researchers explored how attitudes about identifying some animals as food and others as pets or companions change from childhood to adulthood, in children aged 9 to 11. found that children up to 12 years of age were less likely to classify animals as food than older groups. Eating meat is shaped by external factors from childhood to adulthood.

Quorn uses Drew Barrymore to promote meatless chicken in the US

Quorn is a pioneering British brand that has been making meat alternatives from fungi-based mycorpiten for decades. The brand is widely distributed around the world and is focused on becoming the leading meatless poultry producer in the United States.

VegNews. Drew BarrymoreQuorn. Douglas LevyQuorn

Here, Quorn also pursued several creative marketing campaigns, hiring actress Drew Barrymore as “Chief Mama Officer” to spread information about meat-free products.The actress promoted her Quorn products The Drew Barrymore Show, Most recently, it introduced Tariq, a viral sensation known for his love of corn, to meatless chicken nuggets made by Quorn. Its name sounds a lot like a vegetable.

As part of her partnership with Quorn, Barrymore starred in a campaign featuring ChiQin, a life-size bird who plays her best friend. Various campaign materials have shown the duo engaging in a variety of activities, including eating meatless chicken.Quorn’s chicken is made from mycoprotein, not an actual bird, so it is This is fine.

Quorn has cleverly flipped the script on its meat ads in both the UK and US, but the company continues to use eggs in some formulations, sending a mixed message.

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