New River Cruises 2023 launches in the US, Europe and Egypt


There are cruises and then there are river cruises—small ships sail along inland waterways that zip from town to town, allowing passengers to take in the scenery as the river banks roll. If this is the style of travel you’ve been dreaming of, now’s the time to start thinking about where a river cruise might take you in 2023.

New itineraries, destinations, and ships launched this year aim to provide travelers with more ways to slow down for the most immersive river-sailing experience from world-famous rivers (hello, Danube, Nile) to those who don’t (San Joaquin River, anyone?) .

From off-the-beaten-path destinations to classic, culturally themed routes, here are some of the new river cruises coming up this year to consider booking for your next vacation.

New cruises on the Nile River in Egypt

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file view Viking AtonWhich sails in Egypt in August.

Courtesy of Viking River Cruises


Egypt witnessed a new set of new river cruises along the ancient Nile River. Viking, for example, is growing its fleet of ships on the Nile this year with the launch Viking Aton in August. The 82-guest ship will join its sister ship, Viking OsirisSailing the company’s Pharaohs and Pyramids itinerary for 12 days. A visit to Egypt’s famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Pyramids of Giza and Historic Cairo, will naturally be included, but guests will also have the option to extend their stay before or after their cruises in order to dive deeper into nearby destinations. You can book four additional nights on a pre-tour of Jerusalem or a post-tour of Jordan with visits to Petra, the Dead Sea and Amman. Cruise rates start at $6,499 per person, with extension packages starting at $2,199.

Luxor-based Historia Boutique Nile Cruises is the latest river cruise company to enter the Egyptian market, focusing on its cruises on the Luxor-Aswan route. The company currently offers four itineraries ranging from three to seven nights in Cabin 36 Date, a luxury cruise ship style boutique hotel experience complete with a gym, spa, sundeck, and pool. Each cruise visits the Valley of the Kings and a number of temples including Luxor and Karnak. Departure takes place on Mondays and Fridays, so guests can choose a full week’s stay or opt for a short weekend getaway. Rates range from $374 per night for a two-bed cabin to $1,414 per night for a king suite.

Ultimate luxury has returned to the rivers of Europe


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Previous Crystal Mozart The ultra-luxury river cruise ship has been reborn as Riverside Mozart.

Courtesy of Riverside Luxury Cruises

Speaking of new kids on the block, the new cruise company that will launch its first cruises in Europe this year will no doubt look familiar to seasoned cruisers. Riverside Luxury Cruises launches its inaugural cruise along the Danube in April on its first ship, Riverside Mozart. The ship was previously Crystal Mozart of the now defunct Crystal Cruises. the Crystal Mozart He was widely regarded as setting the standards in ultra-luxury river sailing with his double wide construction, walk-in wardrobes, double bathrooms, butler service for each cabin, as well as fine dining and an indoor pool – all of which guests will still be able to experience. Riverside.

The company has acquired four more ships from Crystal Cruises this year, two of which will also sail in 2023 and offer itineraries from 3 to 14 nights. Ravel Riverside You’ll sail the Saône and Rhône rivers from Burgundy to Provence in France, and Riverside Debussy He will sail the Rhine in Europe. Rates for three-day cruises start at $1,848 per person, and seven-day sailings in mid-range suites start at about $5,000 per person, including meals, drinks, select excursions, Wi-Fi, transfers, and gratuities.

Floating through France with an emphasis on black heritage

The new AmaWaterways excursion includes two days of exploring Black Paris.

Photo by Anthony Delanoix/Unsplash

Travelers who want to enhance their river cruise vacation with a more in-depth understanding of black history should consider AmaWaterways. In 2023, the river cruise line is launching its first Soulful Epicurean Experience, which will sail the Colors of Provence seven-night itinerary through the south of France. The cruise will highlight France’s black heritage and will include a full-day black heritage tour in Arles and a three-night stay in Paris that includes two days exploring black Paris as well as a dive into the history of American artist Josephine Baker there. Live jazz performances and specially curated food and wine experiences on board Christinas It will also be a staple in your itinerary. The cruise runs from August 24 to September 3 and prices start at $4,899 per person.

River cruises closer to home

Rolling Down the Mississippi River: US Cruise Lines' Newly Launched Ship

Descend down the Mississippi River aboard a newly launched American Cruise Lines ship.

Courtesy of American Cruise Lines

For those who want to cruise along the waterways here at home, there are a greater variety of river (and coastal) cruise options than you might realize in the States. American Cruise Lines, for example, is launching three new ships in 2023, two of which are part of the company’s new fleet of hybrid boats called Project Blue and can sail both rivers and coastal waterways. American eagle And American gloryBoth ships, with a capacity of 109 passengers, will sail the East Coast covering the waterways of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, the Penobscot River and Harbor in Maine, the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., and the southern Atlantic coast. departure from American eagle South in mid-February with prices starting at $4,425, while American glory It launches its first cruise in Maryland in mid-March with prices starting at $6,750.

The cruise line is also launching its sixth river ship, American Serenade Song, on the Mississippi River in April and offering its first-ever river cruise in Northern California. This eight-day San Francisco Bay Cruise will explore the Napa Valley wine region and Sacramento Valley’s Gold Rush history from the San Joaquin River and San Pablo Bay. Departure for this Northern California cruise begins in late February and rates start at $5,990 per person.

Vikings also adds to the growing mix of local river cruises. The company recently launched its program for 386 guests Mississippi Viking, which travels between New Orleans and St. Paul, Minnesota. Instead of the more classic paddle-wheel-style ship that powers other lines like American Queen Voyages on the Mississippi River, Viking has brought its brand of contemporary Scandinavian style to the States with elegant rooms and bright, airy public areas. Itineraries range from 8 to 15 days and prices start at $3,999 per person.

Family travel returns to rivers

Luxor Temple in Egypt

For a history lesson the whole family will enjoy, head to Egypt with Uniworld Boutique River Cruises.

Image by AXP Photography/Unsplash

Multigenerational travel is back with demand higher than ever as family members look for more ways to travel with loved ones and make up for lost time during the pandemic. To facilitate these reunions and bonding experiences fueled by travel, Uniworld Boutique River Cruises is introducing a family-friendly Generations Collection, which is launching a new destination in 2023. Not only will families explore ancient sites and temples in Egypt, but they will also have the opportunity to meet local children and donate gifts such as School supplies, books and games. Departure dates for this Nile River program are December 16, 23 and 30, 2023. All of the company’s Ajyal Group cruise dates coincide with school breaks in order to better accommodate family trip planning. Prices start at $6,659 per person and include onboard and outbound activities, meals, transportation, luxury accommodations, domestic flights, and gratuities.

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