New boutique now open at Apache Mall in Rochester

A trendy new boutique for men and women just opened in Rochester, Minnesota at the Apache Mall and the clothes are super cute!

Megan Hanenberger

Megan Hanenberger

New store just opened at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota!

The next time you walk around the Apache Mall, you might see a brand new store near JC Penney’s called RAK Boutique. They officially open on August 1 and have a grand opening on the weekend of August 6 and 7.

WE ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN!! Stop by our Apache Mall location if you’re in the Rochester area – we can’t wait to see you all ️

I asked the owners of RAK Boutique a few questions to get to know them and their new store a bit. Watch the Q&A below.

Q&A with owners of the new Rochester store, RAK Boutique

JESSICA – Welcome to Rochester! First I have to ask, what’s your name?


RAK – Rick, Angie and Katrina Stewart

JESSICA – I see you also have a shop in Red Wing. How long has that store been open?

RAK – Our Red Wing location is actually our second retail location at 313 Bush Street Red Wing. We first started our business in Lake City, MN with the Lake Pepin Pearl Button Company in 2020.

JESSICA – What types of clothes do you offer in your boutique?

RAK – We strive to have the latest and greatest trends for men and women and work with exclusive suppliers to bring trendy and affordable clothing to all our locations. You’ll find everything from loungewear to your Sunday Best at RAK Boutique. We also have a wide range of home decor and gift items!

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JESSICA – How did the dream of RAK Boutique come about?

RAK – As a family, we have always dreamed and talked about the idea of ​​opening a boutique – we came across a beautiful historic building in Lake City, MN while looking for investment properties and decided it was the perfect time to fulfill our dreams and opened our first boutique. My mom, dad and I threw around a lot of ideas about what we could call our boutique and decided that our initials made the perfect name (Rick, Angie, Katrina) RAK Boutique.

After having our Boutique in Lake City for a year, we decided it was time to expand and found the perfect location in Red Wing, MN (313 Bush street, Red Wing, MN 55066). Not long after opening in Red Wing, we were approached with the opportunity to expand into the Apache Mall. We are extremely grateful and excited to be in three different cities in Southern Minnesota.

JESSICA – Anything else you want to share?

RAK – We are so grateful for the love and support from our communities – without our amazing customers none of this would be possible and we can’t wait to continue those relationships and build new ones with our Rochester community.

JESSICA – A final question. Where can people find you online?

RAK – Website is and you can find us here on Facebook.

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