Nestlé launches Nomo vegan burger patties in grocery stores

Although it only operates in one location, Nomoo’s vegan burger joint is on its way to becoming a household name. This week, the plant-based restaurant in California announced that it is collaborating with Nestlé Professional to develop a branded selection of plant-based meats. The two companies will work together to create an improved line of beef, chicken and vegan cheese to keep pace with the fast food chain’s planned national expansion.

The Nestle and Nomoo partnership aims to create a selection of plant-based meats that will lower the food cost of the fast food chain while producing less waste and less labor. The two companies will initially launch a pe protein-based burger in October 2022. With the help of the world’s largest food producer, Nomoo begins a new era of American burger chains.

“With a partner like Nestlé, renowned for their commitment to the finest ingredients, operational knowledge and uncompromised support for food service operations, Nomoo is sure to attract the right multi-unit franchise partners to accelerate our national growth,” Nomoo founder George Montagu Brown said in a statement.

“Nomoo grew out of the idea that your favorite fast food could be 100 percent vegan without sacrificing flavor, so it was critical that we not only have the right partner, but also a proprietary, great-tasting and better-to-you product that beats the impossible competitors and beyond. Meat. Together, we’ve created the most delicious vegan beef in the industry.”


Nomo challenges the fast food industry

Nomoo originally gained national attention when the vegan burger concept took over the flagship location of popular burger chain Johnny Rockets. On February 28, 2020, Nomoo opened just weeks before the COVID-19 shutdown, resulting in its temporary closure. Undeterred, Brown reopened and gained a large following in Los Angeles. Now, Nestlé will help expand Nomoo’s reach as the national expansion begins.

“Nestlé Professional is committed to plant-based innovation that gets made in the kitchen and leaves a smaller footprint on our planet – a major reason why consumers are choosing more vegetarian meals,” said Perry Meili, President and CEO of Nestlé Professional USA. statement. “We are delighted to be able to leverage our in-plant manufacturing expertise and alignment with Nomoo in our vision to bring nutritious and sustainable products to the industry out of the home.”

In June of this year, the company announced that it had entered into a partnership with Fransmart – the franchise development company responsible for Qdoba Mexican Grill and Five Guys. Currently, the Nomoo Burger (served with secret sauces, pickles, vegan American cheese, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles) uses the Beyond Meat patty, but as Nomoo grows, the company will release its own vegan meats.

“Plant-based plants are the next big thing, and I believe Nomo is poised to become the next (plant-based) Five Guys,” Fransmart CEO Dan Rowe said in a statement. “With a partner like Nestlé, Nomoo has the potential to drive profitable growth due to its streamlined operations and supplies, making it one of the most attractive fast food franchise opportunities at this time.”

The future of American fast food chains

Nomoo joins a growing list of vegetarian fast food options popping up across the United States. Not only is vegan meat appearing on restaurant menus 1,320 percent more than it did before the pandemic, but other vegan burger concepts are beginning to expand nationwide. For example, Plant Power Fast Food just joined Scale x Management closely after opening its 10th location.

Major fast food companies have adapted their menus to meet the growing demand from plants. Current estimates predict that the vegan fast food market will reach $40 billion by 2028. With McDonald’s Mc Planet, Burger King Impossible Whopper, and Beyond Tenders from Kentucky, the fast food world is becoming increasingly sustainable at an unprecedented rate.

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